The FFXIV Relic Weapon Guide

FFXIV Relic weapons have repeatedly appeared in various games of the Final Fantasy series and they are especially fabled weapons that you can get after completing certain quests. Each ff14 relic weapon is created in such a way to accomplish a specific task in the game as well as they are some of the most powerful weapons in some conditions.

The fun doesn’t end when you get the weapon because you can upgrade them after completing a series of other difficult tasks other than the storyline of the game. To unlock these weapons, you need to finish the main story of the game first and complete the “Return to Ivalice” quest at level 70.

These weapons are some of the most sought-after weapons you can ever get in Final Fantasy 14 at this time and they come with lore related to a very specific job. It features upgrade for weapons by letting you complete a single side quest as many times as you want and each win will result in new upgrade items for your old weapon.

Categories of FFXIV Relic Weapons

FF14 Relic weapons are divided into two categories depending on their level and the stats also change accordingly.

Relic Weapons (level 80)

This category includes all the original fabled relic weapons in Final Fantasy 14 and it acts as the starting block of all the upcoming relic weapons in the future. To get your first weapon, you need to complete the “The Weaponsmith of Legend” quest and afterward, you will get a real relic weapon when you complete “A Relic Reborn” quest. You can the same weapons from various locations using coins but if you don’t have enough coins, you can buy these coins using real-life money.

Zenith Relic Weapons (level 90)

This category contains all the upgraded versions of original fabled relic weapons and you can upgrade our simple weapon to this category in a few simple steps. You only need three Thavnairian Mists in your inventory to finish upgrading to a new weapon and all the weapons will get a colored glow when you get the weapon out from its sheathe.

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Types of FF14 Relic Weapons

There are 10 different types of FFXIV Relic weapons in the game right now and each type depends on the class of your character in the game. The stats and level of each weapon may differ depending on the number of upgrades as well as each weapon also give a boost to the attributes of your character. Here is the list of all relic weapons based on their jobs

Paladin (Aeolian Scimitar)

Before you return to Gerolt, you can get Curtana from the Zaha'rak stronghold in Southern Thanalan. Gerolt will ask you to get Aeolian Scimitar and two Battledance material III to meld it.

Monk (Wildling's Cesti)

After you acquire the Sphairai from the Zaha’rak stronghold, you need to deliver Wilding’s Cesti and two savage Aim Materia III melded together.

Warrior (Barbarian's Bardiche)

Meld two Battledance material III and Barbarian’s Bardiche together to deliver them to Gerolt along with Bravura that you got in your journey to Outer La Noscea's U'Ghamaro Mines.

Dragoon (Champion's Lance)

Travel to Coerthas Central Highlands's Natalan stronghold and get Gae Bolg. Meld two Savage Aim Materia III and Champion’s Lance and go to Gerolt to upgrade the weapon.

Bard ( Longarm's Composite Bow)

Aretmis Bow can be found near the Coerthas Central Highlands's Natalan stronghold as the base form of the relic weapon. Take Longarm's Composite Bow with two Heavens Eye Materia III melded to upgrade to Nexus level.

Black Mage (Sanguine Scepter)

You can find Stardust Rod at Outer La Noscea's U'Ghamaro Mines and upgrading it only requires melded Sanguine Scepter with two Savage Might Materia III.

Summoner ( Erudite's Picatrix Of Casting)

The initial form of the Veil of Wiyu can be acquired from East Shroud's Sylphlands. Then take melded Erudite's Picatrix Of Casting with two Savage Might Materia III to Gerolt to upgrade it.

Scholar (Erudite's Picatrix Of Healing)

Take Omnilex that you acquired from Western La Noscea's Salsa Spawning Grounds as well as Erudite's Picatrix Of Healing with two Quicktongue Materia III to meld them into an upgraded relic weapon.

White Mage (Madman's Whispering Rod)

Thyrus can be acquired from Outer La Noscea's U'Ghamaro Mines when you finish your quest. You can collect Madman's Whispering Rod with two Quicktongue Materia III and meld them before taking them to Gerolt.

Ninja (Vamper's Knives)

Before you return to Gerolt you can go to Western La Noscea's Sapsa Spawning Grounds to get Yoshimitsu and then take the weapon melded with two Vamper's Knives, with two Heavens Eye Materia III to him.

Steps to Get FFXIV Relic Weapons

If you want to get a relic weapon or already own but you are stuck at your stock and move to the next big thing? Here is the ultimate ffxiv relic weapon guide that will provide you with tips so you can get things done in a little less painful manner as completing these relic weapon quests can take a lot of time. Besides, all weapons aren’t unlocked to use during the gameplay; therefore, you should buy FFXIV Gil to buy your favorite tools and equipment.

As compared to other special weapons, you can only equip FF14 relic weapons by upgrading their jobs not by leveling your character class. To get relic weapons, you can contact Gerolt and complete the following stages to upgrade the weapon.

Broken form

Players will get a relic weapon in the broken form and they can take the broken weapon to Gerolt to transform it into the base form of relic weapon. You may also get the quest to find the remaining broken parts of the weapon from the Weaponsmith before moving to the next stage.

Base form

As you now have both the broken form of weapon, Alumina Salts, and a special book in your inventory, you can now talk to Rowena in Mor Dhona. After this, you can exchange Amdapor Glyph by exchanging the book from your bag. This stage also requires the killing of 24 beast men in a specific stronghold and a follow-up by slaying Hydra by using the unfinished relic weapon.
By defeating Ifrit, Garuda, and Titan, you will get White Ember, Howling Gale, and Hyperfused ore to get one step closer to finish the weapon. Before finally talking with Gerolt to complete the weapon, buy a bottle of Quenching Oil and add it to the weapon.


There is a simple quest to acquire the Zenith weapon of level 90 and installing the first upgrade on the new weapon only requires three Thavnairian Mists. You can buy as many Thavnairian Mists as you want from Auriana at Revenant's Toll, Mor Dhona (x22, y6). Pay a visit to the North Shroud Furnace by Gerolt with the required materials to upgrade to Zenith.


To upgrade to Atma, you can speak with Jalzahn and take the quest to gather several atma objects nearby Eorzea. There is a 10% chance that crystal will drop with each hit using the Zenith Relic weapon. The quest is completed when you bring all those gathered crystals to Gerolt to complete the Atma Stage.


After complete the atma stage, equip the Atma relic weapon and go to Jalzahn to get further details about how to upgrade the weapon. You need to create valorous deeds to enhance the weapon and these deeds are collected in the same book called “Trails of the braves”. Speak with both Rowena first and the G’jusana to complete the quests. After collecting nine different books, talk to Jalzahn to get Animus weapon as a reward.


Talk with Jalzahn to get a better understanding of how to build a Novus weapon and it requires sphere scroll. You can change the secondary stats of your weapon according to your needs. Bind 75 materia using alexandrites and get the sphere scroll to create the weapon. In the end, Jalzahn will complete the Novus relic weapon.


Equip Novus weapon and speak with Jalzahn after complete the “Soulglazed Relics” quest to start the upgrading process right away. It is best for you to upgrade Curtana Novus and Holy Shield Novus if you are using Paladin as your player class. Make sure to collect as much light as you can collect by completing dungeons, trails, treasure hunt quests, and frontline quests, etc. Jalzahn will upgrade to a Nexus ff14 relic weapon based on the light in your inventory. The amount of light you got after completing a quest will be shown in the chat log.