The FFXIV Anima Weapon Guide 2021

Final Fantasy XIV, one of the best MMO games, was released by Square Enix for Windows in 2010. It serves as the 14th glorious release in the long-running series of Final Fantasy video games, acting as the 2nd MMORPG title after the Final Fantasy XI release. The game leaves you in a fantasy world of Eorzea, where you control your created character to explore the land and dive in FFXIV. As the game starts, you get caught up in both the invasion and the threat. In this article, we jump in to help you understand the importance of weapons with the FFXIV Anima Weapon Guide's help. 

Furthermore, the game features five playable races; each race comes with two tribes to choose from, for whom only two allows you to select either male or female characters. Afterward, you can do a few customizations like changing the hair and eye color and some facial features. Besides that, weapons assume a vital role in the game and help you defeat vicious monsters and their bosses. 

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The FFXIV Anima Weapon Guide

Indeed, you might know, the release of Patch 3.15 has introduced new Anima Weapons unlockable at the ilevel 210. The game lets you select the starting quest in Idyllshire, where you may discover three challenging questions, and the completion of each one is compulsory to grab the relic. Did you know? You can work on all relics simultaneously, and how is it possible? Let me explain. Suppose you have selected the quest on your Paladin while working on the third quest for your War.

Moreover, you should know that Anima Weapons are known as the Heavensward Relic Weapons unlocked at Level 60. It means you don’t need to accomplish Zodiac Weapon Quest Chains to unlock the Anima Weapon Quest. Furthermore, Players who already have Zodiact Zeta Weapon can take advantage to skip the first step required for Anima Weapon Quest. A complete Anima Weapon guide helps you understand all prominent aspects and ways to learn how to level up your rank and reach the master end.

Here’s a List of FFXIV Anima Weapon Quests:
As mentioned above, without completing quests, you can’t grab Anima Weapons and relics. Therefore, you should be familiar with the procedure and quests you have to complete to get your hands on all weapons and how to use them. Besides that, did you know? That you can buy FFXIV Gil to take your gaming experience to the next level. Gil is the in-game currency that allows you to purchase FFXIV items, weapons, and cosmetics for your avatar to make it powerful than others.

Keep in mind that you need to be at level 60 to unlock the Anima Quest Chain; meanwhile, the completion of Heavensward Quest is required.
The list of FFXIV Anima Weapons are here:
And more.

Soul without Life

The first thing you need is a collection of 6 Atmas from FATEs from the areas of Heavensward. You can collect one Atma from each area; however, you have an option to skip the step if you have already obtained Zeta Relic Weapon. Using any class, you are allowed to complete the FATEs. After getting all the required crystals, you have to interact with Syndomy at Balcony (Mor Dhona) to trade with the Nodules' crystals.

Toughening Up

To complete the Toughening UP state, you have to accomplish ten thrilling dungeons with your newly obtained relic. The available dungeons are Snowcloak, Sastasha, Qarn, Keeper of the Lake, Wanderer’s Palace, Amdapor Keep, Dusk Vigil, Sohm AI, The Aery, and the Vault. Upon completing the stage, you may have an ilvl200 with the awoken weapon.

Coming into its own

You may not believe it, but yes, coming into its own is a long stage requiring you to gather four items for Gerolt. Each item in itself needs other things to be traded in, and you can trade by merely interacting with Cristina in the toll of Revenant. When searching for items, you should keep in mind that you need tokens, too. For Enchanted Rubber, you need Unidentifiable Bone (10x) and Adamantite Francesca (4x). Similarly, you are supposed to collect Unidentifiable Shell (10x) and Titanium Alloy Mirror (4x) for Fast-drying Carboncoat.

Apart from that, you can use multiple ways to obtain a token and are tasked with collecting ten tokens for each item. The items will be added to your inventory once you complete the requirements and are ready to trade with Sabina in Idyllshire.

Lore (300), Esoterics, PoeticsLore (300), Esoterics, PoeticsLore (300), Esoterics, PoeticsLore (300), Esoterics, Poetics
Three Tokens (1 per 48 Levels) – Amalj’aa VendorSahagin VendorKobold VendorSylph Vendor
Gordian Bolt (3x) – 1 Per A1 KillGordian Lens 3 - 1 Per A2 KillGordian Spring – 1 Per A3 killGordian Shaft – 1 Per A4 Kill
300x Allied SealsHW Treasure MapsHW Treasure Maps300x Allied Seals

Finding Your Voice

You start playing the stage by merely interacting with Ardashir, and the requirement is to gather 5x Aether Oil. You have two following ways to obtain the said item:
You have to either complete the Crystal Tower Weekly Quest or purchase it for 700 Lore. However, the stage will award you ilvl 230 relic weapons.

Obtaining FFXIV Anima Weapons isn’t an easy task; you have to go through a proper procedure and complete a series of challenging quests. In return, you will receive relics that you can use to trade for weapons. The game will start unlocking FFXIV Anima Weapons once you reach level 120 and start interacting with NPCs to make a deal. Furthermore, you have an opportunity to buy FFXIV Power Leveling and ffxiv items from our FFXIV Store to make your grip better on all aspects of the game. Hone your character creator skills because the in-depth customization feature lets you design and build your character following the way you love and reach the end to become the master.