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Reserve Your Name in WoW Classic

When players first saw you in World of Warcraft, what was the first thing they noticed? Your name, of course. So reserving your name has become a very important task, even in World of Warcraft classic server.

You can now reserve your server, character class, race, and name in the game, because World of Warcraft is so prescient, it opened up a piece of World of Warcraft Classic.

To start this process, you need to have a lot of time to play World of Warcraft, and have an active WoW subscription to qualify. If you do, you can start the following steps:

Open the Battle.net desktop app and select World of Warcraft in the game selection menu.

Under the Version menu, select World of Warcraft Classic. If you have more than one World of Warcraft account, you’ll see a second dropdown for Account. In that column, select the active account you want to play on.

Click the Install button. You’ll see an installation progress bar that will show you when the installation is available to play.

Once the installation is complete, click the Play button.

You’ll need to select the realm you want to play on then select Create New Character. You’ll be able to choose your faction, class, and race, as well as fully customize your new character and name them.

Before you put your plans too firmly in place, you can gather your allies together to select your new home realm.

Just so you notice, you can now create up to 10 characters per Classic realm, for a total of 50 characters across all Classic realms per WoW account.

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In WoW Classic being able to buy WoW Classic gold is game breaking, its 100% pay to win because it speeds your way. Want to know more about it?

It's important to understand that Gold is a lot harder to make in the Classic version of World of Warcraft. Players who played back when the game first came out remember the long grind from levels 30 to 40 where you had to save up a bunch of Gold to get your first mount. This is incredibly important, because you will want a mount immediately. Getting around in the game is a huge pain, you'll be bound to flight paths and running around to get to where you need to go.

Classic Gold is really valuable in game, but farming gold can make players lose patience. Now you can be allowed to buy WoW Classic gold is a exciting news. Because that would actually work effectively in Classic WoW because it takes so long to get to level cap.

When you buy WoW Classic gold in game, you can spend that gold to speed your way. You can use it to get items, gear, pvp rank, raid clears, which means you no longer need to "waste" time on those activities and can focus on other areas of your play time. It is paying to win even if you personally do not see it that way.

If you decided to buy WoW Classic Gold, there are many pieces of gear you can buy, and that would give you a huge advantage in game. There were some good crafted items, and there were some good boe epics. But the best thing you could get with WoW Classic Gold was an epic mount.

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