FFXIV Mounts Guide: Get the Mount You Want

Do you like to learn how to attain each mount to dig the world of Final Fantasy XIV? This FF14 Mounts page lists all of the mounts you will locate in the game. Chocobo is the primary mount in FFXIV Mounts; check out this FFXIV Mounts guide to discover out. For an experienced team like this one, however, despite some problems with pacing and missed payoffs, Endwalker provides a satisfying conclusion of the many hours spent by fans in the game thus far. It also will be the basis for future adventures to be forthcoming. Furthermore, you can use in-game currency to make leveling up process fast. Getting in-game currency is a bit difficult, therefore, you can visit third-party game marketplaces like PVPBank to buy FFXIV Gil.

How to Get a FFXIV Mount

FFXIV Mounts can be obtained in Final Fantasy 14 at level 20. But there are certain conditions to meet. In the first place, you must have completed the levels of 20 main story quests (MSQ), A Hero in the Making, as well as the company you keep.

The questline in which you're introduced to each of the 3 Grand Companies, attend three ceremonies, and at the ending, you choose the Grand Company to pledge your loyalty to. Then, you'll be handed an assignment to complete for your grand company. If you select The Immortal Flames, your game will begin for Coin and country. If you've joined Maelstrom, the quest is Till Sea Swallows All, And If you've picked to play the Twin Adders, the Wood's Will Be Done is the mission you'll have to finish.

Following this, you can buy a Chocobo Issuance through Your Grand Company Quartermaster for 200 Company Seals. For Company Seals, you'll need to complete FATEs, Grand Companies Hunting Logs, and Daily Roulettes. It is only possible to get Company Seals when you've completed these tasks and become a member of a Grand Company.

Suppose you've had the opportunity to unlock any other mounts before reaching Level 20 and received the Chocobo Issuance (such as pre-order rewards or refer-a-friend rewards as well as shop purchases or other gifts given by other users). In that case, you'll be unable to ride these until after you've followed the above steps. Once that's done, you'll be able to ride any FF14 mount you get!

Recommended Top FFXIV Mounts: Features and Speed

The well-known MMORPG ff14 mounts offers players the possibility of customizing your Warrior of Light with various unique mounts. You can choose an exciting mount that matches your Dark Knight aesthetic, a wild and fun mount that will complement your Chocobo look, or a multi-seater to allow you to transport your friends of lower levels around Eorzea; FF14’s perfect mount. This list features some of the most fantastic mounts currently available in the game.

FFXIV Mounts purchased on Mogstation weren't included on this list as they could be costly, and I left out some of the mounts for seasonal use that are no more accessible. These are the top five most impressive FF14 mounts and the best way to find the mounts without further delay.


We have been endowed with Kirin in this mount, the beautiful horse-like creature believed to be the king of all beasts. No matter your class or rank, Kirin gives your character an elegant and powerful appearance.
Why Kirin is a great mount:
Kirin is a stunning mount with dark scales, glowing gold mane, and tail
A striking, head-turning mount
Privileges for beating Extreme Trials and obtaining all the Nightmare mounts
How to obtain this mount
It is required to finish the "A Legend for a Legend" quest by taking Wandering Minstrel in Mor Dhona.
To start the quest, you need to collect all Nightmare mounts, Aithon, Xanthos, Gullfaxi, Enbarr, Markab, and Boreas that are available as rewards during each of their Extreme Trials.


After being abandoned and stowed within the Crystal Tower by the Imperial family, the Skyslipper is a unique aircraft restored by none other than Warrior of Light. Skyslipper Skyslipper is a relatively new mount and, along with its difficulty acquiring it, is rare; however, it is worth the time and effort.
why the Skyslipper is amazing:
It's the sole four-seater mount available in the game.
It is possible to ride three of your buddies around Eorzea at once and show off this unique mount.
Elegant and simple in design and bragging rights for being the first to learn the most brutal version from one of the most recent and most challenging raids
How to obtain it:
It can be summoned using a Skyslipper key, a sure-fire drop from the Savage Eden's Gate raid. 


Incredibly large compared to other mounts, The Asterope is a stunning white Pegasus adorned with silver and gold barding. 

Why the Asterope is so awesome:
Asterope is among the very few two-seaters to be purchased in games, making it an uncommon mount to add to your collection.
The bragging rights are due to the difficulty to get
How to obtain:
Unfortunately, this mount Asterope is not very common due to a reason. It is necessary to be a mentor, and you must complete the equivalent of 2,000 tasks through Mentor Duty Roulette. But this stunning mount is definitely worth the grind.


Demi-Ozma could be one of the most stunning mounts available. Its standard form is a cloudy two-toned sphere. However, it can change to either the shape of an elliptical or a cube, and both reflect its surroundings.
Why Demi-Ozma is amazing:
In essence, it's three mounts within one, based on the form of its
It looks stunning while in flight and reflects off the surrounding landscapes
How to obtain it:
You must complete the Baldesion Arsenal and gain the achievement; We're on Your Side.


Ixion is a gorgeous mount and one of my top choices. Inspired by the Ixion boss from Final Fantasy 10, this horse-like beast is believed to be Rhalgr's legendary horse and can shoot lightning out of its eyes.
What is the reason why Ixion is so awesome:
The level of detail on this enormous figure is astonishing.
Ixion is a horn that is blue and gold and is embellished with tiny bolts of blue static
If you're a lover of FFX, The Ixion is a must-have mount
How to obtain it:
It is available for purchase through Eschina within the Rhalgr's Reach for 12 Ixion horns located inside the "Fate "Ixion."
In all, you can choose one of these FFXIV Mounts that suits for you. Final Fantasy XIV is not devoid of near-apocalyptic events throughout its 10 years of the story; however, with the new "Endwalker" expansion, it feels higher than ever before in your fight to prevent the world-ending catastrophe known in The Final Days. Publisher and developer Square Enix has also made it clear that the expansion concludes the ongoing 10-year story sequence.