How to Change Chocobo Color in FFXIV?

Changing the color of your Chocobo in FFXIV can be a little tricky, so we've put together this simple, step-by-step guide to help you out. It's not a hard science to change the color of your Chocobo. Even if you follow the procedures in this article, your Chocobo might not always turn out to be the exact color you want. It should, however, be only a few steps away from the shade of your desires. Here's the guide about how to change Chocobo color in FFXIV. Changing color is handled by feeding your FFXIV Chocobo various foods in a particular order.

There is still the Han Lemon, which recovers Chocobo's original hue. Desert Yellow is Chocobo's default color. While your FFXIV Chocobo Color is in its stable, players can alter the color of their Chocobo by giving it treats. After 6 hours of being given an appropriate variety of foods, the Chocobo's plume will shift (Earth Time). Remember that different meals will change the colors in different ways. For coloring to occur, the Chocobo must be maintained in the Stable for at least 6 hours.
After stabilizing an FFXIV Chocobo, the player can feed it a variety of treats, each of which changes the RGB tone of the Chocobo's feather. After providing the first snack, the player gets a six-hour window (earth time) to feed the Chocobo a series of treats. After 6 hours, the Chocobo will be given the snack sequence, which, if successful, will change the color of its feathers.

The order in which the snacks are served during the six hours is critical to completing the change. Each of the RGB colors will be affected differently by each snack. The player must avoid exceeding 255 or going below 0 in any of the 3 RGB values, or else the update will fail.

What Colors Do You Have in FFXIV?

The Chocobo's available colors are (mostly) the similar ones that you can use to dye your in-game clothes. The dyeing tab with the 'general-purpose' color names is an exception. This is where you'll find 'Pure White,' 'Jet Black,' shiny colors,' floral, and a few other options. Unfortunately, no bright metal Chocobos are permitted. If you want to go for a gleaming aesthetic, you could always offer them plate armor Chocobo Barding.
Use the archive view to fast read and compare them; keep in mind that the preview for a couple of the colors is only text. If you're curious about the color names or want to examine a close-up of any of the Chocobos, be able to click on them.

New dyes were introduced in Patch 5.21, and they can be found in the Ishgard Restoration section. Pearl White, Gunmetal Black, and Metallic Brass were all in the fancy dye division, perhaps because they have similar metallic looks to other colors in the same class. At this point, I don't believe anyone thinks these colors to be feasible for Chocobos.

How to Change Chocobo Color in FFXIV 

Owning an apartment, a house, or being a member of a Free Company owns a home is the initial step to making your Chocobo's color. You'll need to keep your Chocobo stable, and these are the only places you can do so. If you are not a member of a Free Company or do not own a home, obtaining an apartment is simple: visit the Residential Area of your choice and purchase a home in the building. The stables next to the building will subsequently be available to you. You can also visit game marketplaces to buy FFXIV Gil and make your gameplay much better.

Chocobo's Color 

It's not easy to change your Chocobo's color to the one you choose after it's stable. There is a beginning (your current color) and a finish line for each color (the one you want). To modify this, you'll need to give your Chocobo a specific combination of fruits in a particular order to change the RGB of its wings.

Be Lucky

However, because luck plays a role in this process, doing so may not always yield the best results. Even if you follow the exact steps, you won't always get the ideal hue, and there are no visible indicators of accomplishment until the reveal. In short, a lot of effort and error is involved.

Color Categories

Some of these shades, however, were included in the standard color categories. Cherry Pink and Ruby Red are two new red colors. Vanilla Yellow and Canary Yellow have been added to the yellow tab. Finally, they've introduced Turquoise Blue and Dragoon Blue to the blue range.

Utilize Online Calculator

Most players will utilize an online calculator to figure out which fruits to give their Chocobo. All you have to do is enter the current color and the one you desire to see the quantity of food and the sequence to follow. Once more, this is not a perfect technique; I had to repeat it twice to obtain the black hue I wanted. However, if you get close to the color you want, you'll need a few changes rather than a twenty-item to-do list.

You can't summon or ride your FFXIV Chocobo Color while it's in the well-established; if you bring your Chocobo out of the stables while feeding it, the dye change and dye fruit taking effect, you'll lose the change. FFXIV Chocobo Coloring food can be obtained in two ways: at the market or by cultivating it yourself. You can only produce it yourself if you have accessibility to a garden, which implies you either have your private residence with a garden or your FC permits you to use their garden (which is quite rare). You must still purchase the unsellable seeds with Allied Seals if you have permission to grow them yourself. When you add in the expense of soil, it's unlikely that producing your fruit would save you enough money to make it worthwhile.