Top 19 Best ESO Addons in 2021

Most people don’t use any addons or any other mods to advance through the Elder scroll online game. If you want to progress through the game after enabling addons to make the gameplay even better. Elder scroll online is mod able and you can use the top 19 Best ESO Addons in 2021 to effortlessly manage the in-game character without much of a stretch.

Most of these ESO addons are useful for a certain type of task and you can make your game experience better by using these addons. You can install an addon manager to add new addons or delete existing addons from the game with a single tap. The majority of addons for ESO are free, but some require you to pay. By the way, if you are looking for ESO gold, you can also buy ESO gold for a better gaming experience.

The performance of your game is directly affected by the usage of addons so utilize only much-needed addons and delete all the other addons. You can access the settings section and change some settings to install only relevant ESO addons.

List of 19 best ESO Addons

We can divide best ESO addons into two different groups based on changes they make to your gameplay style. These addons are also known as ESO mods or Elder Scrolls Online Addons. Some of these mods can enhance in-game maps to explore the in-game map in a new way. Some examples of ESO addons are listed as follows:

Non-Combat Addons

LUI Extended – It comes with several custom components, including the following: Better Tooltips, Custom Icon, Buff and Debuff Tracking, Chat Announcements, and more.
Recharge Auto – Using Recharge Addon, you can repair and recharge your loaded weapons after entering and leaving the combat. The prominent features include Recharge Weapons, Repair equipment, Show My Number, and more.
Map Pins – In case you are considering including survey and treasure maps, then you should grab Map Pins Addon. It includes the following features: Dungeon Bosses, Skyshards, Lore Books, Treasure and Survey Maps, Crafting Station Description, and more.
Potion maker – Potion Maker Addon brings crafting poison for Expansion Pack “Dark Brotherhood.”
Assist Rapid Riding – During the ride, the addon may change your action slot to skill ability “Rapid Maneuver.”
Dressing Room – This Addon is designed to save your action bars and loaded with items as the sets. During the game, you are allowed to equip any saved set, including the following: Action and Gear Bars.
Recharge – It gives you a Head-up-display to reveal resources, including Repair Kits, Gems, and more. Besides, you can repair armors and auto-charge your weapons.

Combat Addons

Hodor Reflexes
A collection of addons used by Hodor members to improve their reflexes. The said addon is in development and the developer is trying to add more features to make it awesome.
Combat Metrics
Before starting with the addon, ensure you have all of these libraries, such as LibAddonMenu, LibCustomMenu, and LibCombat.
RaidTimer Continued
Players use this addon to display current time on their screen, as well as raid score and estimated final score. It is also designed to give you a hint when you are on a journey to make the highest points.
Light Attack Helper
It helps you track your light attacks. Whenever you perform a light attack it may either a fast or slow, the tool helps you save the record to see the final reports and gives you tips for further improvements.
Grim Focus Counter
It is useful to track Grim Focus’s stacks and display you visually. The prominent features include the following: Tracks Grim Focus, Customizable Size, Movable to any Place, Option to Fade, and more.
Blackrose Prison Helper
Blackrose Prison Helper is designed to make your life easy in prison by introducing prominent features like Configurable Notifications, Display an Arrow, and more.
Action Duration Reminder
In case you are looking for a way to tracks your slotted actions holding duration attributes, then Action Duration Reminder. It is designed to show you current action duration, auto move player resource bars, support actions, destructive touch, override action, and more.

5 must-have ESO addons

Votan’s Minimap
Master merchant
Dolgubons lazy Writ creator
Kyoma’s Repair ‘n Recharge

It creates a separate junk bag and adds all the items that you don’t need to automatically get rid of them and save your time to complete other tasks. You can create filters to add items of the same type to the junk bag or remove specific items from the junk bag.
By turning on the filter to keep items of the same type in your inventory and avoid removing them from the backpack by mistake. It gives you a button to sell all the junk to the merchant with a single tap and free up some extra space to add more useful items to it.

Votan’s Minimap
You can try various mini maps in the Elder scroll online game but Votan’s minimap is the best choice that you have for now. The best thing about this map addon is that it doesn’t affect the performance of the game and keep you posted about your exact location at the top right corner of the screen.
As compared to other similar minimaps with the same features, Votan’s minimap doesn’t break down your game after some time. It shows all the recently created pins on the map and you can rotate the map to look at a location from a completely different angle. This minimap can automatically synchronize pins from the world map to show points of interest at a glance.

Master merchant
Master merchant is one of the best ESO add-ons available in the market today due to a large number of reasons. You can add this mod to your game and it impacts the performance of your game positively. If you want to buy a certain ESO item from guild traders, this mod shows the original price of the item.
It shows the average selling price of each item that you have in your backpack in all the nearby guild stores so you can sell it at a high price to earn some extra bucks.
By learning the price of each item, you can decide to keep an important item in your backpack or sell it at a good price right now. Usually, players keep this mod off and only turn it on when they sell or buy something.

Dolgubons lazy Writ creator
It has become an ESO best addon and most players cannot get the most out of their games without enabling this addon. This addon helps you in crafting items for new writs with a single click and also shows the total number of available materials in the inventory as well.
It is an essential writ creator but can automatically open up all the loot when you turn your writs in to save your effort of looking for all those shipment boxes from your inventory. If you have enough material to create a write, it shows the text in green color.

Kyoma’s Repair ‘n Recharge
If you have some extra repair kits in your inventory and your armor is broken due to all the recent fights with your enemies, enabling this addon will automatically repair your armor in a short period. You can select the option to keep some repair kits in the threshold to use them later. When you visit a nearby store your armor and weapons will regain any lost damage points. There is the option to set the threshold for repair kits and soul gems to zero if your weapons are at low energy.

Your enchanted weapons will recharge automatically with the help of soul gems from your backpack and you can select the option to use certain types of gems and kits for repairing and recharging. You can find the options menu for this addon from the list of all the other available modes.

How to install ESO addons?

You can access the save game folder from the documents directory and open the Addons folder to drop your addons from other folders to this folder. After copying addons to this folder, start the game and select your favorite addons from the list of all the available add-ons to enjoy them in the game. Or you can follow “How to Install ESO Addons” to install these addons for ESO.

To disable any ESO addon, return to the main menu and uncheck the desired mod to remove it from the list. It indicates disabled addons in red color in the main menu and you can apply filters to view add-ons according to your needs. Now, you have top 19 Best ESO Addons in 2021 that make your game experience awesome.