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Becoming a member at PVPbank will offer you extra benefits and privileges as following:

How to get Member Discount at PVPbank

1. Sign up by clicking "Sign up" at the upper right corner of our homepage. 

2. Your Member Rank will decide the member discount rate you can get when checking out.

    All members are divided into 5 ranks according to the points: Junior Member; Standard Member; Senior Member; Platinum Member; Lifetime Member.

Member RankICONPoints RankMember Discount
Junior Member0≤ Points < 3001%
Standard Member300≤ Points < 8002%
Senior Member800≤ Points < 15003%
Platinum Member1500≤ Points < 30004%
Lifetime MemberPoints > 30005%

3. Exchange your points to $5-$30 cash coupon at Points Mall.

4. Open chest to win free gifts from our site by using our keys.

How to earn points?

1. Earn 75 points when you register on our site.

2. Sign in every day to get 1 point. Sign in continuously for 7 days to get 10 points. 

3.ach consumption on our site can be converted to points. The points will be automatically added to your member account when the order finished. 
   1 USD=1.0 point ; 1 EUR=1.2 points ; 1 GBP=1.3 points 

Tips: Don't forget to log in before you order; otherwise you won't get any points.

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