ProductName: Fallen Temple
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Fallen Temple

time: 1 days
Fallen Temple is the gateway to the far reaches of the Endgame in Diablo 4, and your path to the final level 100 boss challenge. Completing this capstone dungeon is required to unlock World Tier 4, Torment, and the best loot in the game that lies therein. Until now, most enemies in the world have scaled to your level, but not these foes -- they are bound to level 70, no more, no less.

First Completion Rewards
Unlocks Tier 4: Torment
Codex of Power: None
Location: Dry Steppes, Chambatar Ridge
Monsters: DemonsCannibals
Boss: ???
1. Enter the Antechamber of the Damned and choose your path
2. Complete the Trial of the Weak
3. Complete the Trial of the Indolent
4. Collect Animus from Animus Carriers
5. Defeat ???

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