3 WoW Name Generators that You Should Not Miss Out

It is challenging to pick a fitting and eye-catching title for your hero especially when you already have like 10 other characters, each with a unique name. Want to get some unique WoW names for your character? Then you need WoW name generators which are created for many WoW players to generate random names so they can pick out them to have the best, most relevant names for World of Warcraft character. In this guide, we’ll introduce some good World of Warcraft name generators.

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There are a list of free WoW name generators in the market, but only a few of them are good enough to use. So we select some WoW name generators, just check them below.

Fantasy Name Generators

Fantasy Name Generators is one of the most famous name generators which can generate lots of names. It can also generate names for WoW characters. It also provides unique versatility and a plethora of options and filters.

There are various WoW name generators like WoW orc name generator, WoW dwarf name generator, WoW human name generator, WoW goblin name generator, WoW troll name generator, etc. You can also use this WoW name generator tool to generate names for your NPC Race and your Pets. All 13 races are available. Follow below steps to get games for your WoW characters, races and pets.

First, go to the site of the WoW name generator: https://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/world-of-warcraft.php
Second, select and find the WoW character, allied races, NPC race, pets or companion that you want to name. Then tap the icon to lead you to another page.

Third, it will show you 10 random names. If you want to get 10 new names, just click “Get * names”.

The process is pretty simple. Obviously, this is by far the most extensive and useful name generator for World of Warcraft.


Classictinker can generate a role name for WoW Classic, which contains millions of unique names to choose from. Generate names from all races or specific races, such as Dwarf, Gnome, Human, NightElf, Orc, Tauren, Troll, and Undead. The names of male and famale in each race are very distinctive. More importantly, this WoW name generator tool allows you to customize name length and prefix.

12 random names can be generated each time. You can tap the name you want and tap the “+” button in the middle to save it. Its page is very clear and doesn’t contain ads. But it appears to generate names only for World of Warcraft Races.
Tool link: https://classictinker.com/name-generator/


Coolgenerator, as its name indicates, is a cool name generator that also can generator names for WoW characters. While this tool offers an exciting feature by generating names in quantity that you want. To get cool WoW names, just select your Race and set the quantity, then tap “Generate new” to generate WoW names. The only downside of this WoW name generator is that it has too many ads on page.
Tool link: https://www.coolgenerator.com/wow-name-generator

A good name for World of Warcraft character should have the right sense of fantasy, adventure and role-playing. They should sound and feel epic, heroic, demonic and evil, and may be impressive. You can try above recommended WoW name generators to get the names you want. Last but not least, make sure you have enough WoW gold or TBC Gold to enjoy more in the World of Warcraft.