The WoW Classic Leatherworking Guide for Leveling 1-300

Leatherworking is a profession in World of Warcraft Classic that enables players to create the most powerful mail and leather game in the game. This profession requires skin in most cases to make but leveling the leatherworking profession is very expensive as compared to other professions.

If you pair the leatherworking with skinning, farming some materials won’t be a problem for you anymore. Experts recommend that you should equip skinning while you are leveling your leatherworking profession. Leveling requires a lot of skins but the skinning profession comes into action to help you in saving some extra gold by farming skins by itself. Here is a complete WoW Classic Leatherworking guide to help you in leveling Leatherworking from 1 to 300. Before starting the guide, keep in mind that without in-game currency, you can’t go so far. Therefore, using game marketplaces, you can buy WOW Classic Gold at reasonable price. 

WoW Classic Leatherworking Guide

There are three specialties in the leatherworking profession with different benefits and you can only pick one specialty at a time. You can change the leatherworking specialty at any time by completely unlearning the current leatherworking skill.

Professions for Classic WoW Leatherworking

The game allows you to equip two different professions and leatherworking pairs the best with skinning as a secondary profession to provide you with reagents to make gears.

Classes for WoW Classic Leatherworking

Druids, Rogues, Shaman, and Hunter classes are Used when leatherworking and skinning are selected as primary and secondary professions. Use Shaman and Hunter in Dragonscale leatherworking while hunter also benefits in WoW Classic Leatherworking leveling.

Locations of Classic WoW Leatherworking Trainers

Alliance Trainers locations
Horde Trainers locations

Guide to Craft Leatherworking gear

Leatherworking gears require skins but some special gear requires materials that you can only get from other professions like elementals, tailoring, and herbalism.

WoW Classic Leatherworking Leveling Guide

Here is the ultimate wow classic leatherworking leveling guide to help you in leveling from 1 to max in the fastest way possible and these are the four levels of leatherworking leveling.
Level 1-20
First, learn to apprentice leatherworking and gather 60 ruined leather scraps to make 20 light leather during this leveling phase. Ruined leather scraps are always used for faster leveling in this starting phase.
Level 20-30
Use 10 light leather and make 10 light armor kits during this leveling phase.
Level 30-50
Use 40 light leather and 20 coarse threads to make 20 hand-stitched leather belts in this phase.
Level 50-55
Use 30 light leather and 5 coarse threads to make 5 hand-stitched leather belts and learn Journeyman leatherworking in this phase.
Level 55-85
Use 90 light leather and 30 coarse threads to make 30 embossed leather gloves in this phase.
Level 85-100
Use 15 fine leather belts to make 90 light leather and 40 coarse threads in this phase.
Level 100-115
Use 60 medium leather to make 15 medium leather kits in this phase
Level 115-130
Use 60 medium leather, 30 fine threads, and 15 grey dye to make 15 dark leather boots in this phase.
Level 130-145
Use 15 fine belts, 15 cured medium hides, 30 fine threads, and 15 grey dyes to make 15 dark leather belts in this phase. You can also sell these dark leather belts to get a good amount of gold in the auction house.
Level 145-150
Use 70 medium leather and 20 fine threats to make 5 Hillman’s leather gloves whole learning the Expert Leatherworking in this phase.
Level 150-160
Use 10 heavy hides to make 10 cured heavy hides in this phase.
Level 160-170
Use 50 heavy leather to make 10 heavy armor kits in this phase.
Level 170-180
Use 120 heavy leather and 20 bolts of silk cloth to make 10 guardian pants in this phase.
Level 180-190
Use 80 heavy leather, 10 cured heavy hides, and 20 fine threads to make 10 barbaric shoulders in this phase.
Level 190-195
Use 80 heavy leather to make 5 dusky bracers in this phase.
Level 195-205
Use 100 heavy leather, 20 bolts of silk cloth, and 10 iron buckles to make 10 dusky bolts and learn the Artisan Leatherworking in this phase.
Level 205-235
Use 175 thick leather and 70 silken threats to make 35 nightscape headbands in this phase.
Level 235-250
Use 210 thick leather and 60 silken threads to make 15 nightscape pants in this phase.
Level 250-265
Use 100 rugged leather to make 20 rugged leather armor kits in this phase.
Level 265-290
Use 200 rugged leather, 25 black dye, and 25 rune threads to make 25 wicked leather bracers in this phase.
Level 290-300
Use 120 rugged leather, 10 black dyes, and 10 rune threads to make 10 wicked leather headbands in this phase.
After reaching the maximum level in the leatherworking profession, it can automatically transmute salt shaker after 3 days which can later be used to make cured rugged hide. Max leatherworking enables you to make leather gear and various other raid-orientated gear. Players can purchase recopies from vendors to learn about to make gears.