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WoW Classic Flight Paths Guide: Alliance and Horde Flight Paths

03/09/2021 AM
World of Warcraft Classic, developed by Blizzard Entertainment, is an MMORPG game released for PC and Mac OS. WoW Classic serves as the remake version of the original title to offer you enhanced gameplay and detailed mechanics. The classic version recreates the available title after releasing the Patch 1.12.1 in September 2006, before releasing the Burning Crusade Expansion Pack. Flight Paths are the primary means of traveling around Azeroth in WoW Classic. Follow this WoW Classic flight paths guide to travel perfectly.

The player's max level can achieve set to 60; however, expansion content is absent. There are eight playable races available from the original title, such as Gnomes, Dwarfs, Humans, and more. Nine different WoW Classic classes available, including the following:
  • Druid
  • Mage
  • Hunter
  • Priest
  • Warrior
  • Shaman
  • Rogue

Moreover, the game features a massive world to explore, and you can’t travel from one point to another point on foot. It would help if you had any mean of travelling while aiming to visit the other corner of the world. When exploring the environment, you may discover different flight points, taxi, or other transportation methods linked between fixed geographical points. The most reliable way to reach the other points of the maps is to have a flight after finding the point. Therefore, we jump in to help you find the Flight points across the map to travel. Additionally, the game asks you to buy WoW Classic Gold to purchase tickets and grow your account.

World of Warcraft Classic Flight Paths

The flight isn’t only the means you can travel, as there are many other ways, including the Boat, Deeprun Tram, and Zeppelins. Flight requires you to pay for travel whenever you aim to use a flight path, unlike in different ways. Apart from that, it may cost you a lot than others when you are at low levels and struggling to buy Gold to improve your skills and new equipment. While navigating the environment, you need to learn the flight path that grants you access to reach the location far away from your pinpoint within a short time. Before starting, you should know that the game has kept different Alliance Flight Paths and Horde Flight Paths locations.

What Should You Know about WoW Classic Flight Paths?

Before taking any flight, you should keep in mind that once you take on a flight route, you can’t have any ability to cancel your ride; unless you find yourself on a flight that has multiple paths. If you are searching for a way to cancel your flight, we suggest you log out of your game and log in again for a while to land at the next waypoint. Therefore, you should be careful whenever selecting your destination.
During the game, whenever you discover a flight master ahead of you for the first time, then there’s a path that you aren’t familiar with yet. You can quickly find a green quest mark over the head of the flight master, and the game forces you to interact with him to learn a new path point. Communicating with the flight master, you can reveal your journey's cost, depending on how far your destination is. You can also grab a discount if a faction is attached with the flight master. The discount will be applied based on the level of your reputation.

WoW Classic Riding Skill and Mounts

Before starting the game, you should learn how to ride your first mount after reaching level 40. There are different races available; each one comes with unique steed and riding skills. Therefore, we have compiled a table to help you understand what we said:
  • Dwarves – Ram Riding
  • Humans – Horse Riding
  • Orcs – Wolf Riding
  • Undead – Undead Horsemanship
  • Trolls – Raptor Riding
  • Gnomes – Mechanostrider Piloting
  • Tauren – Kodo Riding
  • Night Elves – Tiger Riding

You need to spend up to 20 World of Warcraft Classic Gold to learn riding skill without reputation discounts. Once you completed the course, the game grants you the ability to buy a mount from your race vendor. It would help if you always struggled to acquire a rare mount that may increase your travelling speed by 60%, and it will cost you up to 80 Gold. There are two different types of mount quality: Rare and Epic. The rare quality will grant you up to 60% fast speed and unlock at a level of 40, while the Epic Mount Quality will increase your speed by 100% and cost you 1000 Gold.

WoW Classic Alliance Flight Paths

You might know the game has two different maps available, such as Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. Both have other areas and flight destinations; therefore, here’s a guide of Classic WoW Flight Paths Alliance:
Kalimdor Destinations
  • Nijel’s Point - Desolace
  • Ruth’Theran Village - Teldrassil
  • Stonetalon Peak - Stonetalon Mountains
  • Astranaar - Ashenvale
  • Auberdine - Darkshore
  • Thalanaar - Thousand Needles
  • Theramore Isle - Dustwallow Marsh
  • Cenarion Hold – Silithus
  • Everlook - Winterspring
  • Feathermoon Fortress - Feralas
  • Gadgetzan - Tanaris
  • Nighthaven Village – Moonglade

Eastern Kingdoms Destinations
  • Aerie Peak - The Hinterlands
  • Booty Bay - Stranglethorn
  • Darkshire - Duskwood
  • Ironforge - Dun Morogh
  • Lakeshire - Redridge Mountains
  • Menethil Harbor - Wetlands
  • Nethergarde Keep - Blasted Lands
  • Refuge Point - Arathi Highlands
  • Sentinel Hill - Westfall
  • Southshore - Elwynn Forest
  • Thelsamar - Loch Modan
  • Thorium Point - Searing Gorge
  • Light's Hope Chapel - Eastern Plaguelands
  • Morgan's Vigil - Burning Steppes
  • Chillwind Camp - Western Plaguelands

WoW Classic Horde Flight Paths

After revealing all Alliance Flight Paths locations, here’s a guide to reveal all destinations of Classic WoW Flight Paths Horde.

  • Camp Mojache - Feralas
  • Crossroads - Barrens
  • Everlook - Winterspring
  • Freewind Post - Thousand Needles
  • Gadgetzan - Tanaris
  • Sunrock Retreat - Stonetalon Mountains
  • Orgrimmar - Durotar
  • Shadowsprey Village - Desolace
  • Thunder Bluff - Mulgore
  • Valormak - Azshara
  • Cenarion Hold - Silithus
  • Bloodvenom Post – Felwood
After having a complete map of destinations that help you find the spot to take on a flight to reach your destination shortly, keep in mind that booking a flight may cost you in-game currency. If you don’t have any money, you should buy it either from in-game or other marketplaces.

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