The Complete WoW Classic First Aid Guide

First Aid is one of the three secondary professions in Classic. But it is most likely the first profession that you will take up on WoW Classic Journey. The best thing about this profession is that learning it will not stop you from learning the other primary professions. Moreover, following the footsteps of other professions, it also has the maximum First Aid skill of 300.

What does WoW Classic First Aid do?

Now the question arises that what does WoW Classic First Aid actually does. It enables you to craft and heal yourself with bandages and craft anti-venom to remove the effects of poison effects during the game.
Moreover, you can not only use it on yourself but can also use it on other players. You can get bandages in the game with different kinds of cloth such as silk or mageweave.

This profession is going to be the first profession that you will pick up in the game. The reason behind it is that the self-healing qualities provide you the chance to stay healthy in the game. The healthier you are in the game, then you will be performing better in all stages.
I will be listing different aspects of WoW Classic First Aid for you such as the trainer locations in the game and places where you can get recipes. Along with this, I will list the benefits of First Aid and it uses it.

Different Levels of WoW Classic First Aid

There are three different levels of First Aid. You will start as an Apprentice while taking training and then you will move to be an expert and after that an Artisan. I will be briefly talking about all these three levels.
When the game starts, from level 1 to 150 you will work at a level of Apprentice and will learn your skills from the trainers. You will have to learn how to use the bandages and how to farm and craft the linen and wool bandages to get to level 150. After achieving the 150 level, you are on your own without a trainer.

After the Apprentice level, you start as an Expert from level 150 and onwards. In this level of expertise, you can buy and use Expert First Aid –Under Wraps. Moreover, you will be able to buy and use many other bandages. This expertise level of being a First Aid goes up to level 225.

This is the last expertise level that you will achieve in the game. It starts from level 225 to level 300. But remember, you have to complete the Triage quest if you want to move forward above level 225. It is a series of challenges you have to fulfill such as saving 15 patients by bandaging them, etc.

How the Bandages Are Used in WoW Classic?

I will be listing some of how the bandages can help you heal yourself or your team members.
Remember one thing, you can apply bandages once every sixty seconds and you can apply these bandages to yourself only in a single-player match. Secondly, if you are applying the bandage and you are also taking the damage, the effect of the bandage cancels out.

If you want to get the full advantage and benefit of the bandage, you must not move while you are applying it. Secondly, you should also stay away from any kind of damage during the healing process to avoid loss of bandage.
Moreover, remember when you apply a bandage on your fellow player, you keep a distance of 15 yards, to make the bandage work. This distance is the safe zone, if you bare out of it before the player gets healed, the bandage will be useless.

The anti-venom bandages work just like other bandages with a cooldown time of sixty seconds. This means when you have applied it, you have to stay out of danger for at least sixty seconds for its effects.
Secondly, you cannot move either while it is working its magic on the damage you got.
Anti-venom is important to have for the single-player match, for example, using Powerful Anti-Venom to remove an enemy Rogue's Crippling Poison.

Types of Bandages in WoW Classic

The different types of bandages are as follow:
Linen Bandages:
You are going to get this bandage between the levels of 5 and 20. This bandage cloth drops from humanoid mobs and you can get a wool bandage between levels 11 and 16. For this reason, level 10-20 zones are the best open-air places to farm linen. Because during these levels you will get both the linen and wool bandages for healing purposes. However, in the game, the best place to farm linen is in Westfall in Eastern Kingdoms.

Silk Bandages:
You are going to find silk bandages between the levels of 28 and 40. This bandage overlaps with the wool cloth on mobs between the level of 28-30 while with Mageweave between 38 and 40.
You will find the best outdoor silk farm in the humanoid-rich zone of the Alterac Mountains. Moreover, ignore the Dalaran area to the southwest as it is only good for Horde farming.

Runecloth Bandages:
This type of bandage comes between the mob levels of 50 to 60. The best zones for their farming are Western Plaguelands, Eastern Plaguelands, and many others.

Wool Bandages:
Well, as talked earlier in the linen section, the wool bandages appear in the levels between 10 and 20. But remember, you will only get either the linen bandage or the wool one. Moreover, it comes at a lesser rate than the linen bandages so use it wisely in the game. For this, you can wool farming to get a stack that you can use anytime you want.

Mageweave Bandages:
These bandages come between levels 38 and 50. They have long overlapped with silk and the best zones to farm them are Feralas and Tanaris.

Classic WoW First Aid Trainer Locations

You can train yourself for the First Aid from any First Aid Trainer located in each major city and other towns. But remember, not all the trainers will train you beyond Journeyman, so choose wisely.

What are the benefits of First Aid in Classic WoW?

1.The bandages help in reducing the downtime that you might experience after getting damaged in the combat; they will heal you faster.
2.Classes with the healing spells will help you conserve mana.
3.In Multiplayer mode, players can provide bandages to injured players.
4.Moreover, in the single-player mode, they can restore their health during combat with the help of bandages.
5.First Aid helps the players to heal themselves and each other when they are not actively taking damage.
6.It comes with a Heavy Runecloth Bandage through which players can raise the First Aid level to 225 while staying on level 35.
7.By increasing your level with time in the game, you will get access to more powerful bandages.

By following this WoW Classic First Aid guide, you will max your Profession skill as quickly as possible. In addition, WoW Classic gold also plays an important role in game leveling. So if you lack of WoW Classic gold and WoW TBC Classic Gold, you can buy them directly from PVPBank without getting banned.