The WoW Classic Blacksmithing Guide 1-300 Leveling

Blacksmithing is considered as a primary crafting profession in the Classic WoW. It is the art of creating objects from iron, steel and more. The WoW Classic Blacksmithing pairs well with Mining and turn various ore and metals into armor, weapons and items. So it plays an integral role in the game. It is also important to level up in Blacksmithing. In this WoW Classic Blacksmithing guide, we will cover the locations of WoW Classic Blacksmithing Trainer, the Ingredients and a suggested route to level up your Blacksmithing from 1 to max level 300.

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Locations of WoW Classic Blacksmithing Trainer

Locations of Alliance Apprentice & Journeyman Blacksmithing Trainers

Alliance Apprentice & Journeyman Blacksmithing Trainers

Locations of Horde Apprentice & Journeyman Blacksmithing Trainers

Horde Apprentice & Journeyman Blacksmithing Trainers

Locations of Expert Blacksmithing Trainers

Expert Blacksmithing Trainers

Locations of Artisan Blacksmith Trainer

Brikk Keencraft, located in Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale is the only way you can advance your WoW Classic Blacksmithing to Artisan in the game. You can train Artisan Blacksmithing at level 35 with 200 Blacksmithing Skill.

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WoW Classic Blacksmithing Leveling Route Guide 1-300

This Classic WoW Blacksmithing leveling guide including materials you need to level up. One thing to keep in mind, if you are completely new to WoW Classic Blacksmithing, do not sell crafting materials right away as they can be used in future recipes. For example, Rough Grinding Stone, Coarse Grinding Stone, Heavy Grinding Stone and Solid Grinding Stone, while all great for easy skill-ups, are also required in most recipes. And you can also buy materials from others if needed.

Level 1-75 (Apprentice)

Materials You Need:
170 Rough Stone, 20 Coarse Stone

Things You’ll Make:
(Level 1-25) 50 Rough Sharpening Stone
(Level 25-65) 60 Rough Grinding Stone
(Level 65-75) 20 Coarse Sharpening Stone

Level 75-150 (Journeyman)

Materials You Need:
80 Coarse Stone
5 Silver Bar
10 Rough Grinding Stone
180 Bronze Bar
180 Heavy Stone

Things You’ll Make:
(Level 75-100) 80 Coarse Grinding Stone
(Level 100-105) 5 Silver Rod
(Level 105-125) 30 Rough Bronze Leggings
(Level 125-150) 60 Heavy Grinding Stone

Level 150-225 (Expert)

Materials You Need:
5 Gold Bar
10 Coarse Grinding Stone
200 Iron Bar
50 Heavy Grinding Stone
30 Green Dye
240 Steel Bar
80 Solid Stone
10 Solid Grinding Stone

Things You’ll Make:
(Level 150-155) 5 Golden Rod
(Level 155-165) 10 Green Iron Leggings
(Level 165-185) 20 Green Iron Bracers
(Level 185-200) 15 Golden Scale Bracers
(Level 200-210) 20 Solid Grinding Stone
(Level 210-215) 5 Golden Scale Bracers
(Level 215-225) 10 Steel Plate Helm

Level 225-300 (Artisan)

Materials You Need: These assume you follow the standard path that doesn’t require you to be an armorsmith or weaponsmith.
40 Steel Bar
10 Solid Grinding Stone
150 Mithril Bar
90 Mageweave Cloth
20 Dense Stone
700 Thorium Bar + 20 for Quest
60 Blue Power Crystal
25 Star Ruby
20 Yellow Power Crystal

Things You’ll Make:
(Level 225-235) 10 Steel Plate Helm
(Level 235-250) 15 Mithril Coif
(Level 250-260) 20 Dense Sharpening Stone
(Level 260-275) 15 Thorium Bracers / Thorium Belt
(Level 275-295) 20 Imperial Plate Bracers
(Level 295-300) 5 Thorium Boots / Thorium Helm

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