The OSRS 1-99 Construction Guide

Construction is the most difficult skill in OSRS in terms of training but you can buy this skill to take your constructions to a whole new level. You need to spend a lot of money to buy construction skills as the training expense of construction skills may vary anywhere from 100m to 150m or even more in some cases. Therefore, we bring you an OSRS 1-99 Construction Guide to help and make you understand how everything goes out.

If you have a high-level OSRS account, then you need to train a high construction level to match the reputation. It is a single-player skill so you can progress according to your own pace and build whatever you want without worrying about your friends.

Important Of OSRS Training Construction Skill

A high-level construction skill gives a lot of perks as well as you need a certain construction skill level to complete in-game quests. The highest construction skill level required to complete a quest is level 70 and most players can achieve this level by spending 8m oak larders. Buy OSRS Gold should be your priority if your first goal is to maximize the construction skill level.
Paying OSRS gold can help you in achieving a fast XP rate and you can make progress in a matter of days. This OSRS 1-99 construction guide tells you about how to save money but getting the maximum number of items from the bank with the assistance of your butler.

Steps of OSRS training construction skill

Buy A House Via An Estate Agent

The first step of training construction skills is contacting an estate agent. You can buy a new house in your favorite city from the agent to train your skill at a low level. XP gained by each construction depends on the type of plank you use and you can get planks from the Sawmill at cheap prices.
The first house is a milestone and after that, you can build as many houses as you want or upgrade your old houses to increase the maximum number of rooms available in each house. To visit your house, you can either teleport there or walk there but teleportation is a fast method and saves a lot of time.
After building your first house, you can tap on the house button from the options menu and turn on the build mode to create new objects on the designated spots. Following tips in this OSRS construction guide can help you save your effort and some extra bucks.

To build a new house, you need to add certain items to your in-game inventory, and updating your inventory from time to time is a good practice.

Items For Training

You need various items such as saw, hammer, steel nails, planks, and oak planks to upgrade your construction skill from level 1 all the way to level 33. The total costs of all these items to upgrade the construction skill is approximately 180k
Building a certain number of chairs with different materials such as a crude wood chair, oak chair, and wood chair can get you to the maximum upgrade level of 33 for now. When you reach level 40 of your construction skill, you can hire a butler from the guild of servants to get more XP per hour.
The butler can also get items from the bank that you need to build more houses and other much-needed buildings to save some extra time. Hiring these butlers can cost you a certain amount of gold but you won’t regret making this investment as they are useful till the end of the day.
The minimum requirement for hiring a new butler is to have a certain number of bedrooms in your house and the level of butler depends on the number of rooms in your house. The training process of the construction skill is fast so you should only hire high-level butlers to meet your needs.

Training Routes

Your training routes show the total time required to achieve the level 99 OSRS construction skill. You can either choose to train your construction skill for free using cheap items but this route will take a lot of time and effort.

The price of training the construction skill level depends on the level of butler and training route as fast methods are usually more expensive but it takes less time. This 1-99 construction guide OSRS shows three different training routes and you can choose a training route according to your needs.

Cheapest Method of OSRS 1-99 Construction

The cheapest method to train to level 99 is to make oak chairs from level 1 to level 33 and then make oak ladders from oak planks till level 47 of the construction skill. From level 47 to level 99, you can use mounted mythical capes as they boost up the number of XP every time you use a new plank and also generates XP over time.
Other cheap ways of training the construction skill include oak larders, mythical cape racks, oak dungeon doors, etc. and the only difference between these methods is the time and cost of each method.

Fastest Method of OSRS 1-99 Construction

For those who want to take a faster approach to their goal of reaching the maximum level of the construction skill, the fastest method is available but you need to spend more than double the cost of a cheap method to do so.

From level 33 to 52, you can build oak larders using planks and this method gives you extra XP per hour. To further train your skill to the maximum level, mahogany tables are the best option as they take less time and generate more XP. You can also start creating mahogany benches from level 77 to reach the maximum level in few hours even if an error occurs.

Alternative Method of OSRS 1-99 Construction

Now last but not least, if you are at level 66 of your OSRS construction skill level and have enough planks to make teak benches, you can take a different approach to make teak benches rather than mahogany benches. Make your grip better on the game by merely using OSRS 1-99 Construction Guide and make your own empire.