FFXVI Release Date: Will There Be a Final Fantasy 16?

07/21/2020 AM

A rumor with the title "Final Fantasy XVI will be announced at the Summer Game Fest" was posted to 4Chan by an anonymous user on May 27. They claim to have gotten the information from "an insider very close to the marketing department of the Square Enix company." This rumor really inspired a bunch of Final Fantasy fans. But is it true? Will there be a Final Fantasy 16? What’s the FFXVI release date? You will find answers in this FFXVI guide.

Will There Be a Final Fantasy 16

The Final Fantasy 16 rumor seems exciting. It likewise declares FFXVI is directed by Naoki Yoshida who is the mastermind behind the rebooted Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and its subsequent expansions. The rumor also claims the FFXVI is being created with Unreal Engine 4, but the team is considering switching to Unreal Engine 5. The Final Fantasy 16 release date is speculated to be within the 2021 fiscal year that runs from April 2021 to March 2022, and it would be released as a PS5 exclusive. But here are some reasons to stay skeptical about the Final Fantasy 16 rumors.

1.Square Enix’s Previous Comments Conflicts the FFXVI Rumor

President of Square Enix Yosuke Matsuda previously said that the next-generation consoles will have backward compatibility, so they plan for the time being to make their new titles available for both current and next-generation consoles. This conflicts with the claim that Final Fantasy 16 will be a PS5 exclusive in 2021.

2.No Official News about FFXVI

There is no official news about there will be a Final Fantasy 16 or the FFXVI release date. All rumors pop up all the time on 4Chan. But 4Chan’s rumors almost never have much credibility.

3.Game Engine Contradict the Final Fantasy 16 Release Date

The rumor also claims that the game team is considering switching to Unreal Engine 5 and the game will be out in 2021. But the Epic Games has said that Unreal Engine 5 won't be officially released until mid-2021, so the overall timing here doesn't make sense. Getting too specific here threatens the rumor's credibility.

The rumor may just use the facts in a job list of Square Enix in 2019, which revealed that Square Enix's Yoshi-P team is working on a new "large-scale development project" for the next-generation console. Some game supporters believe that this job list refers to "Final Fantasy 16", fueling such rumors. At least it's not one of those rumors that you need to wait for forever to see if it's true. If the rumor is true, we will probably get Final Fantasy 16 eventually. Let's keep a skeptical attitude on the FFXVI rumor for now.

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