FFXIV Triple Triad Guide: Requirements, How to Start, Basic Rules

Triple Triad is a popularized card battle game in Eorzea released alongside Gold Saucer in patch 2.51. Players can accumulate FFXIV Triple Triad Cards from different ways. You can not trade the Triple Triad cards with other players or sell them for Gil. Check this FFXIV Triple Triad guide to get all you need to know about Triple Triad!

How to Unlock the FFXIV Triple Triad

1.Level 15
2.Starting NPC: Triple Triad Master in The Gold Saucer (X:4.1 Y:7.4)
3.Quest: Triple Triad Trial
4.Players must first complete the quest "It Could Happen to You"

FFXIV Triple Triad Get Started

Proceed to the Card Square and build a deck

From the character menu, select Gold Saucer. In this window are two tabs Card List and Card Decks dealing with Triple Triad. You will receive five cards after completing the quest "Triple Triad Trial". Using the cards in your inventory will register them to your Card List, which can be accessed by selecting Gold Saucer under Character in the main menu.

Notes: As of patch 2.51, 80 varieties of Triple Triad cards are available. New cards can also be obtained as rewards from winning Triple Triad match against NPCs, and as prizes from Triple Triad tournaments. And unwanted cards can be sold for MGP to the Triple Triad NPC in the Manderville Gold Saucer (X:4.1 Y:7.4)

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Seeking Out Opponents

Find certain NPCs or other players. Defeat them and get the cards. Certain NPCs are willing to play a game of Triple Triad with you. Begin with battling some of the easier NPCs to obtain more cards (you can get a rough estimate of the difficulty by looking at the amount of MGP price and prize) .

You can also challenge other players for Triple Triad matches. To issue a challenge, target your desired opponent and select Challenge to Normal Match from the sub-command menu. A challenge can only be issued in below areas designated for Triple Triad matches.

Sell any duplicate cards to the Triple Triad Trader and buy some booster packs. Buy the Gold Saucer cards you need as soon as possible, not the expensive ones, but all of them under or around 20k.

All cards can be classified by rarity (one to five stars). When you reach 30 total cards, you will remove the limitation on the number of 2-star cards you can have in your deck. Getting to 60 cards will uncap 3-star cards.

Basic Rules of FFXIV Triple Triad

1.Two players take turns placing cards on a three-by-three grid. The player who goes first is determined randomly.

2.When it is your turn, you need to put a card on open space on the grid.

3.When a card is placed, the numbers representing its 4 sides are compared to any adjacent cards. If a number on the card placed is higher than the number it faces on an adjacent card, you will flip that card and capture it.

4.Try to capture and control more cards than your opponent. More cards you control, the more likely you will win. After nine cards have been played, the player who controls more cards is the winner. And the unplayed 10th card is counted too.

By following above FFXIV Triple Triad guide, you can get started in the game. Keep trying to get cards and enjoy the fun it brings.