How to Get and Grow FFXIV Thavnairian Onion

Thavnairian Onion, a pungent, tear-inducing vegetable that grow in the alkali sands of Near Eastern Thavnair. It is the most important vegetable in Final Fantasy XIV. Getting Thavanairian onions can be a difficult task. Here in this guide, we will show you how to get and grow FF14 Thavnairian Onion.

How to Get FF14 Thavnairian onions?

There are two quests that you can award FF14 Thavnairian onions:
Landing a Stable Job: After completing the Level 50 Main Scenario Quest “The Better Half”, it will unlock an Ishgardian sidequest called Landing A Stable Job. Pick it up in The Jeweled Crozier (X: 6, Y:9) from Mathye.

A Hunter’s True Nature: There are some prerequisites for this task. You need to complete 3 sidequests in the Dravanian Forelands: “Pest Control”, “A Step in the Right Direction” and “Garbage Duty”. After you complete those three, visit Hervoix in Tailfeather (X: 32, Y:23) to pick this quest up and get your Thavnairian onion.

How to Grow Thavnairian Onion?

You can buy Thavnairian onion seeds from the marketboard and grow them yourself, or cross-breed other common plants to get the seeds. Thavnairian onion seeds take 10 days to grow. If you cross-breed to get the seeds, it will take you another 5 to 6 days waiting for your crosses to sprout.

The easiest method to grow Thavnairian Onion:

Step1. Cross-breed Krakka Root and Mirror Apple to get Curiel Root.
Step2. Cross-breed Almonds and Mandrakes to get Nymeia Lillies.
Step3. Cross-breed the Curiel Root and Nymeia Lillies to have a chance of getting Thavnairian onion seeds.
Step4. Plant your onion seeds to grow Thavnairian Onion

How to Use Thavnairian Onion in FFXIV?

Your chocobo is the best ally when completing quests, performing FATEs, or killing hunt mobs. When your chocobo gets to rank 10, the rank number will turn orange to signify that it is the current maximum, they will stop gaining experience points. You’ll need to feed your chocobo one of these thavnairian onions in order to gain the experience points required to hit level 11. Since chocobos max out at level 20, you’ll need a total of 10 to complete your chocobo’s progress.

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