How to Recruit A Friend in FFXIV

The FFXIV Recruit a Friend is a campaign that encourages more players to play FFXIV by offering exclusive in-game rewards to you and your friends you recruit, based on your friend's number of accumulated subscription days in the game. Check this FFXIV Recruit a Friend guide to recruit a friend and get the rewards in the game.

For Recruiters: How to Recruit a Friend in FFXIV

Step1. Go to FFXIV Mog Station at
Step2. Register a Square-Enix Account or login with your current account you wish to use to recruit a friend. And click on “Your Account” and you will see the image below. Click “Recruit a Friend” and follow onscreen instructions to send recruitment code to your friend.

FFXIV Recruit a Friend Guide For Friends

Register to play Final Fantasy XIV. If you receive the message with an enclosed recruitment code, just follow the message instruction to register recruitment code via the FFXIV Mog Station. Then purchase a subscription and play the game to accumulate subscription days.

FFXIV Recruit a Friend Notes 

1.For recruiters, you can log into the Mog Station with the account you used to recruit the friend to check the "Subscription Status" and you will see "A friend has been recruited from this account" in this section if the recruitment was successful.
2.Friends can only be recruited from a service account with a valid subscription.
3.Recruitment codes can be valid for 120 days after being issued and a recruitment code can only be sent once per day.
4.The recruitment code can only be used on a service account that has a retail version of the game registered to it and has not yet paid for a subscription. So if your friend has paid a subscription before, then you’ll not receive the rewards.
5.The in-game rewards are sent to you and your friend after a fixed number of subscription days, rather than the date they were recruited on.

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