FFXIV Market Board Guide: Locations, Prices and How to Trade

The Market Board is the market system in Final Fantasy XIV that has been implemented in A Realm Reborn where FFXIV players can trade items after they assigned their retainers to the market. In this FFXIV Market Board guide, we will cover FFXIV Market Board locations, how to check prices and how to put ffxiv items on Market Board.

Where is the market board FFXIV?
How to Check FFXIV Market Board Prices?
How do you put items on the FFXIV Market Board?

FFXIV Market Board Locations: Where is the Market Board FFXIV?

FFXIV Market Board can be accessed in each main city-state, as well as the residential district. No matter which market board you visit, the items listed for sale are the same. However buying items in a different city incurs a slight fee.

How to Check FFXIV Market Board Prices?

Players can freely set their own sale prices, so the cost of the listed items will vary accordingly. So you’d better check the prices that players have paid for that particular item to decide your price before you put the items for sale. But many of the FFXIV items' prices are high in the market board, like Hempen Robes, are being sold for 20,000 gil, even though the Shop Selling Price is 349 Gil. If you are in urgent need of the items, you can also buy FFXIV items from PVPBank with lower prices. 
  1. Search the market board and select the item to view.
  2. Select the History button above the item list to view the recent transactions history.
  3. The price, quantity, name of the buyer, and the date will be displayed.

How Do You Put Items on the FFXIV Market Board?

Before you can put items on the FFXIV Market Board, you must hire a retainer.
How do you get a retainer?
To hire retainers, you need to talk to a Retainer Vocate near the Market board of the 3 main cities. By default, you can only hire 2 Retainers, but you can add up to 6 additional retainers (for a total of 8) from the Mog Station on the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone. These NPC’s that you need to talk to are as follows:

After you hire a retainer, you can use the Wish list to put items on Market Board.
1.Access the market board and search for the desired item.
2.Right-click the item and select “Add to Wish List” from the subcommands. And then items can be viewed without the need to search.
Note: To remove an item from Wish List, select the item, open the subcommand menu and select “Remove from Wish List”.

You can also browse the Market Board and search the item you want to get. You must use the search functions to display the items. You may search items by name or by category. Then you can buy FFXIV items at a satisfactory price. If you do not have enough Gil to buy the items, you'd better buy FFXIV Gil from PVPBANK.