FFXIV Leveling Guide: 8 Useful Methods to Level Up

What’s the fastest way to level up in Final Fantasy 14? If you’re looking for advice on how to level up in the FFXIV quickly, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we have collected a list of great and useful methods for you. By following this FFXIV leveling guide, you will level up very quickly.

FFXIV Leveling Method1. Buffs Available

First of all, if you want to get more EXP (Experience Points) from everything, there are many ways to get it passively. Final Fantasy XIV gradually introduced more and more methods to boost experience point gains. By stacking as many of the things down on simultaneously, you can boost your experience factor gains from food and fight.

FFXIV Leveling Method2. Do Class and job quests

Make sure you don’t neglect your class and job quests. Your starting class will provide you with tasks every 5 levels, which will bring a lot of experience. After reaching level 15, you can choose to work. You will only be able to upgrade one of them at a time, but these tasks will provide a lot of EXP.

FFXIV Leveling Method3. FATES

If you're a DPS and do not fancy waiting, FATEs are the way to go. FATEs are special boss fights that generate randomly on the planet. They can be difficult, so ensure you tackle them with good friends or locate a squad with the Duty Finder to help you. They do not award as much EXP as Dungeons, Trial Runs, or Guildhests, yet they're quicker to get into. When it comes to all these endgame tasks, they will certainly show up in your Challenge Log, also, assisting you out much more if you're aiming to do some FFXIV fast leveling.

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FFXIV Leveling Method4. Do the duty roulette

No FFXIV leveling guide would be completed without the Duty Roulette. The Duty Roulette will give you bonus EXP for a randomly selected quest. This is not a small amount, you can level up completely, so this is worth pursuing especially if you are in between class and job quests, and log in everyday to gain some experience points.

FFXIV Leveling Method5. Guildhests

Guildhests are essential to any FFXIV leveling guide, especially for new players. However, the Guildhests of Final Fantasy XIV is not only a good way to show you the ropes of the game, they also provide you with a mount of XP. You will have to join the “looking for group” queue to enter a Guildhest, and if you are a tank or healer class this should go quite quickly.

FFXIV Leveling Method6. Follow your Challenge Log

The Challenge Log is a useful way to increase the EXP of daily activities you may complete. You can unlock it by completing the 15-level marginal task "Rising to the Challenge", which can be found by talking to I'tolwann on the upper deck (X11, Y10) of Limsa Lominsa. Challenge logs can provide EXP rewards for completing many activities (from defeating fry to clearing dungeons or trials). If they are all polished, remember that they are reset every week.

FFXIV Leveling Method7. Story Quests

Now, enter the main content of this FFXIV leveling guide. So far, the biggest source of EXP will be the main story mission. These will bring you the most benefits, especially at the beginning of the game. At about level 30, you will run out of all of them, so if this is your first character, you will want to experience their stories and rich EXP. They will also guide you to different areas and Guildhests you can join.

FFXIV Leveling Method8. Stay Fed and Rested

This FFXIV leveling guide also assumes that you log out every day and get rest. You can get rest only when you log out in a safe area (i.e. anywhere with an aetheryte). If you see the moon next to the exp column, you are building rested. Using food the entire time you are leveling earns you roughly 3 Million EXP from 1-70. So try to stay fed and rested, thus you’ll get more EXP.

Now that you have this FFXIV leveling guide, we hope you enjoy the high octane speed in the beautiful world of Eorzea, and hope you have made some friends during the journey. By the way, it will take you much time to level up. If you don’t want to spare time and energy, you can also buy FFXIV Gil and FFXIV power leveling service to achieve that goal.