FFXIV Gil Farming: How to Make Gil in FFXIV

“Hi, I'm a returning player and I feel like I'm constantly sitting at under 20k! (I'm not great with my Gil). I feel like its hard to make FFXIV Gil and have free Gil to spend on what I please. I'd love to get a house soon but obviously that's expensive. So what’s the best way to make Gil in FFXIV? What crafting jobs are best for FFXIV making Gil or are they all about even? Help!”

If you want to find the best ways to make Gil in FFXIV, you’ve come to the right place. This FFXIV Gil farming guide will show you how to make Gil in FFXIV.

Part1. The Fastest Way to Get FFXIV Gil
Part2. How to Make Gil in FFXIV
Part3. Advice on FF14 Gil Farming

The Fastest Way to Get FFXIV Gil

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How to Make Gil in FFXIV

Complete Challenge Log

The challenge log is a list of weekly goals that you can complete for both Gil and EXP. When you complete a challenge, you will get roughly 1,000 Gil. However, you can make roughly 15,000 Gil by completing each week’s challenge log. This can be one of the easy ways to make Gil in FFXIV.

To make FFXIV Gil via challenge log, you need unlock the challenge log first by completing the level 15 quest “Rising to the Challenge” in the Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks. Then go back to the main menu and navigate to the Logs tab. The Challenge Log will now be available to you. Thus you can earn more FFXIV Gil.


No matter which method of FF14 Gil making you choose to pursue, taking advantage of ventures is a great way to earn Gil in FFXIV. This will send your retainer to venture capital company and then complete these small quests, allowing you to get some decent rewards without cost of time or energy. The reward that your retainers bring back depends on their level.

Treasure Hunts

If you want to talk about FFXIV Gil farming, then treasure maps deserve to be discovered. As its name indicates, treasure maps can be used to guide you through extremely profitable FF14 Gil farming treasure hunts. Treasure Maps are tradable, so you can always buy them from the market board. If you’d like to grab them yourself, you’ll need a high level Botanist or Miner.

Other Possible Ways to Make Gil in FFXIV

Roulettes, beast tribes, Doman Reconstruction, custom deliveries...
Selling FFXIV items from Eureka, PotD, Retainer Ventures, Airships/Submarines/Gardening (if you have an FC and access)...
Selling FFXIV items from tradable like Cracked Crystals, clusters and Mhachi Matter from dungeons, raids and roulettes...
Of course crafting and gathering, but those have a lead time and take a bit of investment and diversification to really get the money flowing. Even with gathering, items like shards (lvl 1), crystals (~lvl 30), and clusters (lvl 50) sell constantly and consistently...

Advice on FF14 Gil Farming

Have financial goals and check your spending. If you want a house, then save FF14 Gil for the house. Do not be randomly buying the stuff you don’t need. Instead, you can gather and craft the stuff yourself.
Lvl your gatherers and crafters. You can earn bloody loads of Gil frankly you’ll from low level gathering and crafting. Check the MB for what’s selling and low level housing items in particular have a huge markup for sales, from the cost of making them.
Level your retainers to 70 and send them on the hourly expeditions. I would advise if you only have 2 retainers, having 1 that’s a botanist and 1 that’s a miner.
Do your 12 weekly scripts handin. Gathering and crafting materia 6 is still worth a fair amount on the MB; use your scripts to buy this stuff and sell it.
Play the market. This will take you a lot of time. Sit about the marketboard and browse for things that have been listed far too low. Buy them then relist for a much higher price.

Above ways are useful to make money in FFXIV. However it’s not difficult for you to make huge quantities of Gil in Final Fantasy XIV. If you’re prepared to invest your time and your effort, you will earn much Gil. If you do not have much time or energy in farming FF14 Gil, then buying FF14 Gil from PVPBANK will be your good choice. Furthermore, you can also buy FFXIV Items and FFXIV power leveling service if you feel hard to level up in the game.