The FFXIV City of the Ancients Quest Location

The FFXIV City of the Ancients is a level 79 quest that requires the players to find a specific location to continue the main story quest. The Seeker of the Sun Y’Shtola Rhul tasks you with finding a certain structure that resembles the FFXIV Qitana Ravel mural. The trouble is that the game doesn’t tell the location, so you need to explore it. In this guide, we will show you the quest location of the FFXIV City of the Ancients.

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About City of the Ancients Quest

Rewards: 820000 XP and 968 Gil
Description: Y'shtola appears deep in thought

From the Map of the mural below, we can see a structure set against a backdrop of mountains and shooting stars in the sky. And the quest description says: “Find a structure which resembles those in the copy of the Qitana Ravel mural, then inspect it from the survey point.” We can figure out the clues that the desired spot can be found in the hills of The Norvrandt Slope, northwest of the main hub area in The Tempest where you acquire the quest. You must find this specific location for the Survey Point to progress.

City of the Ancients Quest Location

To be specific, the coordinates are x:22.0 , Y:11.0, Z:-1.7. Just head there and click the survey point to confirm that you’ve finished the task. And there you’ve got how to complete City of Ancients in FFXIV.