FFXIV: Where to Turn in Cascadier Uniform Voucher?

Cascadier Uniform Voucher is a Seasonal Miscellany item in Final Fantasy XIV that allows the player to obtain Black Summer Top, Black Summer Trunks, Black Summer Halter or Black Summer Tanga. Players can also trade the Vouchers to Aelina in Mor Dhona (x22.7,y6.7) to obtain the items.

FFXIV Cascadier Uniform Voucher

Where to Turn in Cascadier Uniform Voucher

Where do you exchange Cascadier Uniform Voucher? You can obtain a Cascadier Uniform Voucher in one of two ways.

The first is as a Veteran Reward; you’ll just get the item for purchasing 60 real-world days of game time.

As of 4.1, players can no longer obtain the Cascadier Uniform Voucher through Veteran Rewards. You can also obtain the Voucher by turning in two Achievement Certificates to Jonathas in Old Gridania (10.6, 6.3) . He will sell you Cascadier Uniform Voucher, which you can turn into Aelina.

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