ESO White Gold Tower Guide

The ESO White Gold Tower is a 4-man group dungeon located in the center of the Imperial City. The dungeon can be entered from the Irrigation Tunnels, the Lambent Passage, and the Harena Hypogeum. The ESO White Gold Tower is some 5.6 km tall. In this ESO White Gold Tower guide, we will show you how to deal with the bosses of the dungeon.

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Overview of ESO White-Gold Tower

ESO White Gold Tower Sets
Molag Kena (Monster Helm)
Brands of Imperium (Heavy)
Essence Thief (Medium)
Spell Power Cure (Light)

BossHealth Adds
Iron-Swathed Glutton1,071,763None
The Adjudicator2,952,161Zombies
Clivia’s Guards3,324,65None
Scion of Wrath1,071,763None
Planar Inhibitor3,308,249Rifts with Dremora adds
Molag Kena (Endboss) 3,993,959Four protectors & Storm Atronach

ESO White Gold Tower Dungeon Guide

The Iron-Swathed Glutton
The Iron-Swathed Glutton can be the easiest boss in the new dungeons. He will thrust his fist into the ground, summoning poison. Avoid the poisonous circles. Just kill him, given his tiny HP pool, this should be easy.

The Adjudicator
The Adjudicator is the first boss found within the throne room of the White-Gold Tower. She must be defeated to continue and you have a chance to get Harvest Dirk.

Harvester Claws: The glowing claw attack can either bounce back and forth several times, or can come in a wave of 3-4 claws.
Fire Blasts: There are two blue fires to the sides of the room, blasting people regularly for additional damage.
Fire Pools: The boss leaves multiple pools of fire on the ground. Just avoid the pools.
Fiend adds: Several fiend adds will be summoned regularly. If you get too many adds, they will become overwhelming. So just deal with them quickly as they come in.
Sentenced: A random player will be locked in a prison cell. Make sure you have lockpicks that can get you out of the cage! Either pick the lock or force your way out.

Clivia’s Guards
The Clivia’s Guards trio consists of Micella Carlinus, Cordius Pontifio, and Otho Numida. They will attack you at the same time. Each boss has a class – Dragon Knight, Nightblade and Templar. They can be chain pulled and CC’d so you can stack them up and root them. And your group may need healing, so make sure the healer is near.

They should be killed in the following order:
Micella Carlinus – Dragon Knight (Tank)
Cordius Pontifio – Nightblade (Damage Dealer)
Otho Numida – Templar (Healer)

The Scion of Wrath
This boss is also not very difficult to defeat. Don’t interrupt him when you see the red lines. He will summon fire to rain from the sky. So avoid the fires, face him away from the group and keep damage on the boss.

The Planar Inhibitor
The Planar Inhibitor can't be taunted. This boss focuses on the player who grabbing the pinion in the middle which is used to control aggro. The player will get Heat Stroke - a shield-able damage over time effect that gets stronger the longer it is applied. Before the damage gets too high, another player need to grab the pinion on the middle to tank the Inhibitor next. Two players switching aggro is good but risky when the DPS is not that high. Three players taking turns are ideal.

During the blue phase, the person targeted by the Inhibitor gets slower and slower until he/she can't move anymore in normal way. Sorcerers can still use streak but they can't rotate their camera (in third person) to change direction. If the boss gets too close to you during the phase, you will die instantly regardless of your health, resistances and shields. Of course, this can be avoided by another player grabbing the pinion before the boss can reach the player.

Molag Kena
The Molag Kena, quite a complex boss, is the last boss of the dungeon. The boss will be surrounded by four lightning aspects. You can not hurt the boss until the lightning aspects are ALL down. First you should kill the four adds. Literally, the edge is on fire and stay away from the edge! Molag Kena should be tanked in the middle of the platform. When she performs a cone AOE attack, face her away from the group.

Molag Kena will summon a lightning wall, which will slowly rotate around the platform. Do not touch this wall, because it will kill you. At around 20% boss health, Molag Kena will summon two Lightning Walls which make it pretty hard to avoid or even dodge roll through. Just walk with the wall while keeping the damage to the boss.
Thank you for reading this ESO White Gold Tower guide! I hope this guide is helpful for you to get out of a sticky situation.