The Ultimate ESO Leveling Guide in 2021

When it comes to leveling up their class or new build in ESO, new as well as experienced players are always looking for new and fast methods to deal with this without wasting too much of their precious time on it. By using the correct technique and some easy tricks, some players have also managed to level up their character all the fastest way to level 50 in just a few hours.

There are a lot of effective ways to level up your character faster but leveling up your champion points can take a bit longer on the other hand. Here is the ultimate step-by-step ESO leveling guide to provide you with answers to all your leveling questions. If you follow all the steps and do everything right, you will see some good progress in a short period and will work hard to achieve your ultimate goal in the end.

Tips for Fast ESO Leveling Guide

Follow these easy tips other than the method you use to enjoy the benefit of ESO fast leveling over your friends who are using the same methods.

Things You Need to Do before ESO Leveling

No matter how you want to level your character, you need to do some things first to get full results from all the efforts that you make and here are some of those preparations.
Experience buffs
There are a lot of experience potions and scrolls available in the game and they will help you in reaching a specific level as fast as possible. Buy the Aetherial Ambrosia potion from the guild trader or from other players using gold to gain a 100% experience bonus for 30 minutes. If you don’t have enough gold, then you can buy ESO Gold or ESO Power Leveling by visiting game marketplaces like PVPBank. Buy Psijc ambrosia to get a 50% experience bonus for 30 minutes. You can activate only one experience buff at a time and can’t stack scrolls.

Unlock skill-lines
Unlock all the much-needed skill-lines before you set on your adventure to save some time and only focus on leveling later in the game. Make your weapon and armour ready to use skills from them in leveling.

Prepare training gear
Good training gear will increase the amount of XP you get from killing enemies so all your fights will pay off better. White training gear gives you a 7% experience boost while gold training gear gives you an 11% experience boost for each kill. Try to replace your gear after every 10 to 15 player levels to keep things updated and avoid any unnecessary costs to upgrade your gear to the next level.

ESO Leveling Methods

For those who are new to the game, exploring and completing quests should be their priority as they can relax, learn, and enjoy all at the same time. Here are some of the most efficient methods to level up in the Elder Scroll online.

Clear Dolmens
Almost all areas in ESO have three different Dolmens or Dark anchors and you can clear them, again and again, to get some good experience reward and other useful items at the same time. Clearing a Dolmens will be an easy task if you join a team as more is better. The closer a Dolmen is to the wayshrine on the world map, you will get more experience for clearing it.
Some of the best areas to clear Dolmens are Alik’r desert, Auridon, Deshaan, Bankorai, etc. This is a good approach for those who have a low-level character as it can automatically level up the skills of their characters at the same time.

Skyreach Catacombs
One of the best place to power level your new character is Skyreach Catacombs which is a new group area on the world map. Join a team of two players and start killing enemies to gain experience. Try to add a high-level player to your team and it will result in faster leveling for you. Use a Star Gazer Heral’s cart to travel to the Craglorn zone to find a catacomb.

Daily Group Content
After you reach level 10 in the game, you can access the dungeon finder and battlegrounds. Try to complete your daily dungeon quest to get bonus experience as a reward daily. Get a first or second place in the battleground to get massive experience gain for new characters.

XP Grind
Elder Scroll Online is an efficient MMORPG for XP grinding and it allows you to do the grinding at any character level in the game using some AOE skills from the bag. The trick of grinding is to find a good spot on the map where you can find as many enemies as you want and respawn faster. Some of the best XP grinding sports for eso leveling are The Vile Manse in Reaper’s March, Sentinel Docks in Alik’r Desert, and Spellscar in Craglorn.