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ESO Gates of Oblivion Update – Set to Release on PC/Mac on June 1

02/02/2021 AM
Recently, the Elder Scroll Online trailer has released, revealing the release date of Gates of Oblivion on multiple platforms. Fans are waiting for the release to experience the thrilling gameplay and several improvements they expect since the first announcement the developers made. The excitement of fans often increases whenever you thought that there would be more iconic locations to explore in Oblivion. Furthermore, players will see a variety of DLCs planned to release for the newly dropped title. It is expected that the DLC (Gates of Oblivion Update) will land with content, including the following:
  • Flames of Ambition – Release on 8 March 2021 for PC/Mac and Google Stadia
  • Blackwood – Release on 1st June 2021 for PC/Mac and Google Stadia
  • Unannounced Dungeon Pack- TBC
  • Unannounced Story Zone- TBC

The Elder Scrolls Online – Gates of Oblivion Trailer

The first trailer of one-minute longer was released back in December 2020, revealing nothing too much information regarding the upcoming Chapter – Gates of Oblivion. However, the trailer shows us a wood elf suffering from a terrible nightmare, because of a book causing the source of these visions.

Second Trailer

Afterward, the 2nd trailer of the same Chapter was released a few days ago on January 26, 2021. This time, the developer releases a three-minute trailer that further unravels the tone and mood of the DLC pack, which confirms that the new Chapter will continue the theme of Hell and Despair.
An epic battle has been planned between Dunmers, Argonians, and Wood Elves against the cultists. Indeed, there would be some exciting treat for players to grab and enjoy.

A New Adventure Awaits You

The release of Gates of Oblivion brings a lot of destruction to Tamriel, reaching to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on 8 June 2021. A newly adventure awaits you over there, where you can navigate a recently introduced storyline unfold throughout all Content Releases of the Elder Scrolls Online 2021, including the following:
  • Flames of Ambition DLC
  • Blackwood Chapter
During the game, you will reveal the deadly schemes and unholy plans of the Daedric Prince Mehrujnes Dagon that you found first in the Elder Scrolls IV events: Oblivion.
In a brief introduction, you should know that The Elder Scrolls Online is a series of ARPGs, developed and published by Bethesda Softworks. The first title was released in 1994, titled The Elder Scrolls Arena, while the latest title was The Elder Scrolls Blades released in 2020. The primary gameplay emphasizes free-roaming the detailed open world environment mixing the pre-medieval settings like Roman Empire with fantasy soldiers and mythological creatures.

Moreover, the massive continent contains several provinces populated by different creatures, including humans, elves, orcs, and deadly animals. Apart from the Gates of Oblivion, another DLC pack continues the adventure of the said Chapter expected to release in 2021, featuring 30 hours of new story content.

Introduction of the Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood

Are you ready to confront new challenges, throwing you amidst the pool of problems? Explore the environment to complete quests and defeat deadly enemies and their bosses to earn XPs. The Blackwood will embark you on an adventure to continue the Gates of Oblivion's quest, featuring gameplay of more than 30 hours. It lets you explore the most colorful part of the continent (Tamriel) where you discover how the diverse culture meets with ambitions.
Blackwood releases a new cast of adventures, featuring endless fun for you, including the following:
  • A well-written Storyline that glued with the Gates of Oblivion Adventure
  • Introduction of new Champions System
  • A New Zone, known as Blackwood
  • Newly introduced World Events – Oblivion Portals
  • Several Modifications and Improvements
  • New Dungeons, World Devastative Bosses, and Quests
Did you know? Gold is the game's primary currency that you need to unlock additional content like in-game items, characters, and weapons. Collecting the said currency isn’t an easy task, because you have to complete challenging missions and their objectives first to claim rewards. Majority of players who are new to the game can’t grab the bonuses quickly because they aren’t fully professionals. Therefore, game marketplaces exist wherein the chances of purchasing in-game currency at a lower price is possible. It would help if you visited PVPBank to buy ESO Gold and take your gaming experience to the next level.

Pre-purchase Advantages

We recommend you to pre-order the Blackwood DLC back to receive unique rewards during its release, as well as to get access instantly to both Nightmare Bear Cub Pet and the Nagahide Welwa Ravager mount. Furthermore, buying the pre-purchase will leave you the following rewards:
  • Two Experience Scrolls
  • Three Blackwood Treasure Maps
  • One Iron Atronach Crate
  • Deadlands Wamasu Pet
  • Dremora kynreeve Outfit
Moreover, the Blackwood is available in four different editions; the first two holds the Blackwood Chapter and the original game and the previous Chapters. Next to that, the upgrade edition brings the Blackwood DLC pack for only those players who already own the game and have all last chapters.

Recruit Allies

When playing the game, you find yourself getting caught in a harsh battle between two forces fighting to rule over the land. As the protagonist, you must try to make your survival as long as possible by merely assembling new allies. Share your epic adventures with new team members using the new champions system introduced in Blackwood DLC. The said system allows you to form, travel, and battle with your team Non-player character to complete the stories and improve the relationship.

New Warriors

The new Chapter brings a series of new warriors who wait to join you on an epic adventure. Each one holds unique powers, abilities, and personality as well. You must choose your warrior from available and start levelling up the skills and use customizationable gear and fighting abilities to improve the performance. Apart from that, there are many other things to discover.

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