Is Elder Scrolls Online Worth Playing in 2021?

“Is ESO worth playing in 2021? What is the state of both PvP and PvE going into 2021? Will it be worth playing or is the game dying?” -- From Reddit user.

“I just want to play games that I know that will last long , I know ESO was released 2014, but is it still worth to play right now?” -- From Steamcommunity user.

Many questions about Elder Scrolls Online such as “Is ESO worth playing in 2021?”, “Is Elder Scrolls Online good 2021” or “Is Elder Scrolls Online down right now” are often asked on many sites like Reddit or ESO official forum. By reading this Elder Scrolls Online Review post, you can finally figure out the answer.

As one of the best MMO games, the Elder Scrolls Online in 2021 is a different game, and it has been greatly improved from the one that launched to a mixed reception all those years ago. Zenimax Online Studios (ZOS) continues to release stable extensions and regular updates to ensure that it will grow in the coming years.

Many things has changed over the years, so if you’re wondering whether ESO is worth playing in 2021. I will tell you “YES”.

Is Elder Scrolls Online Worth Playing in 2020? Absolutely YES!

There are the key reasons that make Elder Scrolls Online is worth playing today. But beyond that, ESO also has some other features that make it a must-have game for MMORPG fans.

Beautiful Interface

The Elder Scrolls Online is still a nice game, even in the years after its release. ESO does not rely on outdated and realistic visual effects, but adopts a slightly dreamlike aesthetic while maintaining its maturity, which makes it fun to play even today. Thankfully, the user interface is very simple, I think it can bring a cleaner and more pleasant viewing experience. However, using the add-on can change it to the player's preference.

Multiple Classes

Who says you must play a single type of warrior? Online Elder Scrolls will have multiple different classes to choose from, each class has its own special functions and skills. You have DragonKnight, Necromancer, Sorcerer, Warden, Templar and Nightblade. Although the choice of weapons will remain the same in all categories, it is good to see what special skills each weapon has in these classes. In addition, it increases the replay value again, because you can see what other characters can do.

Fair Loot System

If there is one thing we absolutely hate playing online MMO, it is that someone rushed in and snatched the loot you paid for it. We hate that. Fortunately, Bethesda has established a system that can instantiate player loot separately. Therefore, this means that if you participate in a large-scale battle and kill the boss enemy, you will get the gold medal you deserve. There is no longer a crazy fight to see who can get the most cash.

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Quality of Life Changes

Since its release, ZOS has implemented many other quality of life changes to Elder Scrolls Online over the years. They make the game more interesting.

The craft package (available through an effective ESO plus subscription) is actually a necessity for ho accumulators, but without it you can easily complete it. The craftsmanship across the three industries has reached nine levels, plus enchanted runes, the raw materials for the magic potions, and now also the introduction of jewelry making-you see, my poor character is swimming in the materials.

However, they adopted this style because of the introduction of the dye system and then the clothing system, which provided greater freedom to customize the appearance (by acquiring and learning style themes).

To Sum Up

Of course, the game is not without errors. At present, its biggest problem is actually its popularity. Many people report moderate to severe delay issues, especially large PvP battles may quickly become a lagfest. Web server connection is likewise sub-optimal in PvE; abilities will periodically not fire, and also rubberbanding is not uncommon either. Bethesda seems to be committed to improving these recognized shortcomings, and they sound serious to me, which is surprising considering my trust in AAA companies.

It is launched in a pitiful state, but has truly redeemed itself. If you are a supporter of MMORPG and are eager to try something new, ESO is worth playing in 2021. Enjoy your journey in the Elder Scrolls Online. By the way, if you‘d like to buy eso gold, eso items and eso power leveling, please visit PVPBANK to get what you want.