PvPBank (User) Guide

1.First, register an account with PvPBank before placing an order – by registering your account will be credited with 75 points that you can use upon placing your initial order.
2.If you forgot to do so, don’t worry! The e-mail that you filled into your application form to place your order will automatically be signed up to an account – but unfortunately you won’t be able to use the 75 points your account was credited with for that particular purchase.
3.Returning customers should log into their account before they make another purchase in order to make full use of our points system.
Points System
1.Each time a purchase is successfully made and cleared, you will receive 1/1.2/1.3 point for every 1USD/1EUR/1GBP that you spend respectively.
2.By clicking on ‘Point Info’ under the ‘Member Center’, you can view how many points you currently have to spend and how many you’ve amassed overall.
3.You can save up to 10% of your order via points for all games.The points exchange rate depends on your Member Rank, and the exchange rules are as follows :
Member Rank ICON Points Rank Points exchange rules
Junior Member 0≤ Present points < 300 60P=1usd
Standard Member 300≤ Present points < 800 50P=1usd
Senior Member 800≤ Present points < 1500 45P=1usd
Platinum Member 1500≤ Present points < 3000 40P=1usd
VIP Member Present points > 3000 35P=1usd

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