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Guild Wars 2 is the much anticipated follow-up MMORPG to ArenaNet’s flagship title, Guild Wars. As we all know, GW2 Gold plays a very important role when gamers play Guild Wars 2. To enhance your adventure and compliment your gameplay, you have to find the best place to buy GW2 Gold.

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GW2 Gold Guide

It's a given fact that you simply need to amass a ton of Guild Wars 2 gold (or GW2 gold) the way about going about it is important. You can use it to buy Guild wars 2 items, Legendary Weapons and Materials. Many players have been looking for some ways to make GW2 Gold, and some of them think making GW2 Gold is difficult. Now PVPBank will show you the GW2 Gold Guide.


Most people when you ask what the fastest way to earn gold is will tell you to do the Silverwastes. The zone is incredibly rewarding and has been since it first released. Grind Coven, an EU guild recently released a fantastic, deeply researched look into the Silverwastes and offers up a way to earn up to 2,800 gold in 2 weeks! There’s a whole lot of math in the data but that just goes to show how well researched it is.

The basic idea though is just to play the Silverwastes. Keep all your bags, get as many rewards as possible. Then open the bags on lower level characters. The Grind Coven research includes a chart that shows you which level is best. Collecting Crests so you can buy keys is a vital part of this farm.


Running dungeons is considered as a good GW2 Gold guide. There are a total of 25 dungeon paths in Guild Wars 2. And each dungeon path provides a daily gold reward when you have completed it. GW2 Gold of each dungeon path varies from 1 gold 5 silver to 3 gold 55 silver for Arah every day. It's possible to earn a total of 35 gold bu running dungeons every day. If you are running dungeons with a guild or group which is familiar with the path, dungeons can be completed very quickly. You have to find some easy and high rewarding dungeons so that you can earn more GW2 Gold.

Sell T6 Materials:

Selling crafting materials is always a good way to get GW2 Gold. Of course, some are more profitable than others. The ones that are easy to get are worth the least. This is why T6 materials are the most valuable. They have a pretty low drop rate and they are used in just about everything at the end game. When we talk about T6 materials we’re talking about Ancient Bone, Vicious Claw, Pile of Crystalline Dust, Vicious Fang, Armored Scale, Elaborate Totem, Powerful Venom Sac, and Vial of Powerful Blood.

These can be earned many, many ways. You can using Laurels and Map Rewards. Laurels do have other very good uses so make sure you don’t want anything else before you purchase the Heavy Crafting Bags which contain T6 materials.

Resource Nodes:

Theprice of basic materials has been increased since the Heart of Thorns "economy" updated. It is possible to make 15 gold an hour by gathering the most valuable resource nodes (iron, platinum, soft wood, ect). And there are several online services to help you gather resource nodes more efficiently.

There are many other ways to earn GW2 Gold, but these are the easiest. Also, another GW2 Gold guide is to participate in PVPBank Promotion, so that you can get more cheap & safe GW2 Gold.

GW2 Gold Farming

A lot has changed in the Guild Wars 2 economy since Dungeons were nerfed and crafting materials were re-balanced. Many people in Guild Wars 2 think making GW2 Gold is difficult. Although it can take longer than most other MMO's as farming specific items isn't really a possibility, there are various ways that when used together can yield significant amounts of GW2 Gold in a very short space of time.The good news is that there are still a number of effective ways to farm GW2 Gold, without having to farm for hours at a time. The following is all about GW2 Gold Farming:


It might feel like cheating, but buying and exchanging Gems is unquestionably the quickest method to Farm GW2 Gold in Guild Wars 2. There is no activity you can undertake in game which provides such a fast return of GW2 Gold. Admittedly this avenue requires you to have disposable income to spend on a video game. At a cost of $10 for 800 Gems, at the current exchange rate (this changes daily) you’d obtain 88 gold. That’s a fair amount of in game currency for very little cost. If you are pursuing the gem exchange route, I’d always recommend that you exchange when a new item hits the Gem store. This tends to result in the price of Gems increasing, so you gain a greater return.

Map Bonus Rewards:

Map Bonus Rewards can be obtained by completing map-specific events around Tyria. Bonus rewards are refreshed every week as part of an 8 week cycle. To see which map bonus rewards are currently offered, you can zoom out on the in-game map and hover over the map name to bring up a list that shows the next bonus reward, in addition to other rewards. These bonus rewards are given out for every 200 participation points you earn, which works out to roughly one bonus reward every two events. You can earn map bonus rewards for up to 8000 participation points. To maximize the GW2 Gold profit, you’ll want to complete events on maps which offer the most valuable bonus rewards. Examples of valuable bonus rewards are “Giant Eyes” and “Silver Doubloons”. Combined with the standard loot that drops from completing events, map bonus rewards can add up to a significant source of GW2 Gold Farming.

Dry Top:

Dry Top is actually a decent map for making GW2 Gold even though it has been overshadowed by the more popular Silverwastes map. Similar to the Silverwastes, Dry Top features a large variety of events and rewards. In addition, Dry Top has its own version of locked chests called Buried Locked Chests which are opened with Zephyrite Lockpicks. By following the chain of events around the map, you will amass a large supply of Geodes, the Dry Top currency, that can be used to purchase additional items from the vendors. If players complete enough events, the map will unlock higher tiers that enable vendor goods to be purchased at a reduced price.

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Warmane Gold Outland Guide - Warmane Gold Guide

Warmane Outland Gold is the primary currency in Warmane Outland. In Warmane outland, you need Warmane Gold every where, such as updating skill, buying items and mounts... All Players want to get more Warmane Gold, just like people in the real world wish for more money. I think everyone needs a Warmane Gold Guide.


The first thing you should do when u raise your Alchemy to 450 is to go to visit Alchemist Gribble in Honor hold and take the quest Master of transmutation. Then you should get 4 primal mights, you can get the mats for it and make them, or you can buy it from ah(i sugest to farm the mats it takes only 30 mins ). Then you should go to Zarevhi in Netherstorm to turn in quest, and then he will give you the quest where u need to get him 4 primal mights. Turn in that and you will become Transmutation master. This is a great money maker since u can now get better results when transmuting gems, saronite bars, or making meta.

Farming Eternals in Wintergrasp:

Another way to earn some Warmane Outland Gold is to go to our beloved PvP zone, Wintergrasp. There are several ways to earn Warmane Gold even here. One of them is by farming Crystallized Life from the Mature and Living Lasher. These mobs are skinnable with herbalism for some extra herbs and life. This means that you can earn over 500g per hour or farming, or 1000g by killing and herbing mobs per your faction’s turn to control Wintergrasp.


If you have alchemy herbalism is a must. You can earn lot of money by selling herbs that you find in northrend like goldclover, adders tongue, icethorn, lichbloom. But the great thing is that every herb in northrend drops Crystalized life. When you get ten of those u can then make 1 eternal life. And a stack of eternal life sells in ah for 3000k Warmane Gold! You can farm a stack of these in 30 mins. Its great coz every herbs drops 1-3 crystalized life. Most important herb that you can find is Lichbloom. You can farm these and then sell it in ah for 1.5k-2k stack, but the best thing to do with these is to keep them and make flasks which sells for lot more.

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ArcheAge is an MMORPG game that is attractive to many players. When you start to playing ArcheAge, you will enter a fantasy world. From there, everything else is up to you, from what character you play, to where you go, what you do and why. To enhance your adventure and compliment your gameplay, you need to buy Archeage Gold, so you may want to find a Best ArcheAge Gold Site.

Through claiming land, building personal and guild castles, and sheer hard labor, players are able to increase their power base through a number of means like actual farming, and gathering raw materials for trade in the several provinces of the game, all of which are simply done to amass more ArcheAge Gold.

If you can't earn enough ArcheAge Gold in the game, you will not have much fun. Having ArcheAge Gold you need allows you to buy anything or anyone towards whatever end goal you may have. If you're broke, forget about raising an army to fight off or invade the lands of enemy guilds, you won't be able to upgrade your personal equipment due to the lack of crafting materials and other items that can only be obtained by trading with other players, and you certainly won't be able to afford your land and castle's upkeep.

So, buying ArcheAge Gold from gold seller is considered as an efficient way, but there are some questions bother many players: how to find a Best ArcheAge Gold Site to buy ArcheAge Gold? Where to buy ArcheAge Gold safely and fast? How to buy ArcheAge Gold without getting banned?

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ArcheAge is one one of the most popular MMO games in the world. All players hope that they have fun in PvP battle, and their characters survive or live very well in the game, which needs a lot of ArcheAge Gold to support their characters' live in game. Whether you play the game to fight for glory, to conquer the world or to build a world, you definitely need to do everything that is in your power to be the best. Buy Cheap ArcheAge Gold for Sale from a good seller is considered as an efficient way.

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best place to buy ffxiv gil - pvpbank ffxiv gil

Always impatiently expected by millions of fans all over the world, the Final Fantasy XIV games are not only admired for the thrill of the combats and the story, but also for the cinematic, the beauty of the characters, the scenery and so on.

The competition of Final Fantasy XIV is fierce, and if you want to make it in the game, you’ll need the best equipments, potions, and so on. With FFXIV Gil, you can buy equipments, food and potions, but you can also get your equipments repaired and enhanced.

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Final Fantasy XIV features the world of Hydaelyn, and more precisely the region of Eorzea. As a player in Final Fantasy XIV, you have to decide for one class and can create your character according to your personal preferences. To equip your character, buy impressive weapons and armor, make your game faster and more interesting, you definitely need more ffxiv gil.

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ffxiv gil farming

I believe that many players are very curious about ffxiv gil farming. Actually, you can farm ffxiv gil from a plethora of sources, each of them give you a variety of income. Dungeons, quests, the challenge log, and allegan pieces from quest rewards are all very viable means of farming ffxiv gil.

At first, gathering jobs are pretty constant inflow, even if you don't really do the gathering yourself you can give the job to your retainer and send them on ventures for high cost items. Also sending your Retainer on "hunts" as your main DoW/DoM job for MOB drops is good. I know Tiger skins from Stormblood areas were selling well for a while. A lot of lower level area's have similarly well selling items.

Don't fret though if you haven't maxed a crafter out yet, gathering simple low level ingredients and selling them is necessary for other players to level up their crafters. At any given point in FFXIV there are trends in items needed for the new content. Leveraging gathering and/or crafting to gather and/or create these items will always be one of the best sources of ffxiv gil.

If you're doing crafting, Culinarians almost always have something in high demand, since they make consumables the demand will almost always be there. For the other crafters you just have to play the marketboards and find out what people want in the moment. A small warning though, since people generally play during the weekends the prices on items will drop since everyone is flooding the markets. Try to list things midweek, then you can do well in ffxiv gil farming.

Fisher is an easy way to make tons of money. You just levels this one class to 70, which isn't even that hard or expensive, and then take some level 70 gear even without materia melds and start spearfishing. Somebody can fish like 100 with one to two hours, that's 2M ffxiv gil. And this is also the way for ffxiv gil farming.

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ffxiv gil market

When you start to play FFXIV, it means you’ve started on your path to becoming a hero, and soon you’ll discover that you have to make a living in the game. The currency they require for this is called FFXIV Gil. Equipment needs to be bought and occasionally repaired, food and potions are required, and teleporting is so damn comfortable, yet expensive…

Here is an overview of the ffxiv gil market:

Market boards can be found in all of the major cities, typically where vendors and retainers are located.

Retainers sell items for you, which are unlocked once the level 17 main storyline quest is completed.

You can have two retainers, and each one can sell up to 20 items at a time.

Retainers hold items and gil. When items are sold, the gil goes to your retainer, which you can pull out.

While you have your retainer summoned, items will not be sold on the market. So don't go AFK with the retainer out.

You should know that there are a variety of ways to make ffxiv gil in Final Fantasy XIV Online. But most of them will cost a lot of time, so the ffxiv gil market is the best way to make ffxiv gil, if you don't mind taking some risks.

Here are some tips on how to play the ffxiv gil market:

Check the history of items before investing. Just because the item is listed for 10,000 ffxiv gil doesn't mean it sells for that. Check the history, you could be surprised.

Check the current tax rate. Tax can affect a lot, so check the tax rate and sell items in the appropriate city to keep your profits to a maximum.

Materia is the best way to start. I started out my market dealing career with materia. It's easy to search and offers low risk investments. You won't be pulling a lot of ffxiv gil in at first, but it's a great way to start.

Buy large stacks of items, and break them up into more expensive smaller stacks. Some crafters just need a small amount of something for an item they are making. But gathers will sell large stacks of an item. You can buy that large stack at a low price, then break them up into smaller stacks to sell at a higher price.

Don't try to buy everything of an item in an attempt to re-sell it at a high price. Prices go up and down rapidly sometimes, so it's not possible to corner the market on an item. Keep in mind you are competing with everyone since all of the markets are linked. So unless you know it's a very rare item, I would avoid this tactic.

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SoulWorker is an anime action MMO, it has the moves to impress with rapid combat, real anime feeling and 5 unique characters. Play solo or as part of a 4-man cooperative group – both styles are well served in PvE. The quick yet intense dungeons are teeming with demons, demanding perfect timing and well-placed skill combinations.

SoulWorker appeals to many young players, they would like to wedge their wallets in Soul Worker Dzenai instead of wasting time in the game. You are looking to play the best MMORPG game ever? You’re going to need Soul Worker Dzenai – tons and tons of them! The universal currency of Soulworker is Dzenai and is traditionally earned by farming, killing vicious mobs, completing quests, collecting loot, and winning PvP fights.

While farming for Soul Worker Dzenai can be a rather tedious procedure and takes away plenty of time from the actual gameplay, buying Soulworker Dzenai for money is an easier alternative. You can forget having to waste your valuable time and energy to acquire Soul Worker Dzenai, and try to buy them online.

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Soul Worker Dzenai Guide

Soulworker is a free-to-play MMORPG game. Being one of its kind, this anime-inspired fantasy game took the industry by storm soon after its launch by Lion Games. The game offers a classic blend of some of the industry’s best games such as Vindictus and Kritika Online. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where the player must take on the role of a Soulworker and save the human race. Enjoy having to make your way through hundreds of dungeons and battle it out with some hardcore bosses during your journey.

So you must be interested in Soul Worker Dzenai Guide. From title& gear &leveling, you can gain additional 10.50% EXP. Then you have to repair your gear for the cost of 300k Soul Worker Dzenai. You can go to district 6, then go down and die until your gear's durability drop to zero. Go back down, and repair your gear.

Despite of the gameplay and challenges, gamers can also make friends with others from all over the world. It's not wise to spend too much time on the mission when you feel hard to get through. If you need help in Soul Worker Dzenai, please click our site pvpbank.com and Buy our Cheap Soul Worker Dzenai for a better gaming experience in the game.

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Bless Online is an upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Bless Online Gold is one of the most important resources a player could have. In fact, next to his or her own skillset, it’s perhaps the one determining factor that can ensure survival in particularly difficult titles.

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The Bless Online gameplay takes place in a medieval fantasy world and revolves around the story of a decade-long war between two factions. Players are allowed to choose from different combat styles, combat modes, classes, and races to create their distinct character. Considering Neowiz Games’ years of experience with MMORPG games, Bless Online has already become one of the most sought-after games among players, even before its release.

To enhance your gaming experience with Bless Online, how exactly do you gather enough Bless Online Gold in Bless online? Simple. Through the usual ways such as farming and grinding, you can rack up the riches and gather the necessary resources to make your mark on Bless Online.

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Bless Online Gold Farm

Bless Online is a game that many players love.You can dive into the beautiful world of Bless with breathtaking experiences that feels surreal. Bless offers variety of contents such as RvR battles, field PvP, dungeon exploration, field raids, monster taming, and much more. The in-game currency is Bless Online Gold, in order to fully enjoy the in-game content, you need more Bless Online Gold, so that you need to find many ways to farm Bless Online Gold.

For Bless Online Gold Farm, you can utilize all of your unused character slots. You can generate a lot of dragonballs and other items from dailies easy peasy that sell for a decent amount of coin. The daily/weekly missions alone take all of 10-20 minutes to complete awarding you dragonballs, dusts, Bless Online Gold, etc...

For Bless Online Gold Farm, you can also send them all to your 45 toon, upgrade a weapon to +10, sell it, and start over again from a +0 weapon (which can be moved to +6 in the blink of an eye). The Bless Online Gold you get from a lvl 45 +10 weapon sells for a decent amount of money, while your alts are pumping you full of enhancement material.

Farming epic/legendary mounts and pets and sell them for 10–500 Bless Online Gold for epics or ~2500 Bless Online Gold for legendaries (very few players will buy Legendary mounts and pets because they cost too much). Pets generally sells for higher prices. You will need some starting money for this method, as the AH has a 10% tax when selling an item, and gathering/crafting all you taming scrolls would take a long time, so you may buy some (less than a silver for each from what I remember).

For Bless Online Gold Farm, there is another good way: kill elites and sell stuff that drops from them, I dont know what level you are but it seems gear and weapons on all levels sells. I have leveled my mage to 45 a while ago, and 2 alts that are 35+.

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MU Legend is a MMORPG developed and published by Webzen. You can choose to be a Blader, Dark Lord, War Mage, or a Whisperer. Level up as you fight mobs, gaining experience and unlocking stronger abilities. Want to be the big winner in the highly-anticipated action MMO - MU Legend? The first thing you need to do is collect enough MU Legend Zen to build up your character. How to get Cheap Mu Legend Zen for Sale without questing? PVPBANK.COM is the best MU Zen supplier for you.

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Mu Legend Redzen Farming Guide

Mu Legend Zen is the main currency used in the game - it is the equivalent of gold from majority of other MMORPGs. Mu Legend Zen is used for buying items from merchants or auction house, enchanting items, upgrading wings and pets, crafting - in general, it is used during the whole game.

Mu Legend Zen can be obtained in various ways - by killing monsters, completing quests, and selling items to merchants and in auction house. So here is Mu Legend Redzen Farming Guide for you.

Start saving:

You need Mu Legend Redzen for your endgame, because items for high levels cost a lot and there is no point in wasting your Mu Legend Redzen on low level items only to outgrow them. You’ll do just fine picking up items from mobs, getting them from quests or Rifts.

Auction flipping:

Each time you play, take a few minutes to go though the auction house to keep yourself informed about the prices. Eventually you are going to notice items that are way too cheap and you can quickly buy them and list them for a higher price. At one point you will start flipping with high value items and the profit margin grows huge. But always keep a reserve, because when a lifetime deal shows up and you’ve used all of your money then you’ll have to miss out on that.

Choosing expert skill:

This is an important decision, because changing it each time costs a lot Mu Legend Redzen. If you’ve picked your skill, just go with it, this is not something that you should be testing. Focus on gathering information from YT videos about skills and hit the forums to find out which suits you the best. This will save you a lot of Mu Legend Redzen so the research beforehand really pays off.

Healing skills:

Try to get some good healing skills. Avoid buying overpriced potions, but rather use your skills to keep yourself from dying. 1 potion doesn’t cost that much, but if you add it all up, then it really saves you bunch of Mu Legend Redzen to just use your skills for survival.

Is the Mu Legend Redzen Farming Guide useful to you? Maybe you’ll have to turn to either manually farming monsters, or farm rare items and play the auction house game. These alternatives can get tedious though, and it might get detrimental to you as a player because of all the time you’re wasting just to get enough zen for that sword you want. So there’s always the option of buying MU Legend zen on PVPBank where you can say goodbye to all the troubles of Mu Legend Redzen Farming and enjoying your experience in the game.

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The Elder Scrolls Online is a single-player open RPG that has each installment set in a particular continent in Tamriel. As what you would expect of MMO's, Elder Scrolls Online has its own in-game currency. Despite there being massive trades in crafting materials, the go-to object of desire is ESO Gold.

Why ESO Gold is so important in Elder Scrolls Online is due to the fact that there are an odd number of factions vying for power in Tamriel, specifically, for the role of Emperor on the throne, which is a singular position which a player can attain on a world server. That is right, faction warfare can result in a single player given the role and powers of ruler within a game world. In this case, you should find a Best Place to Buy ESO Gold, so that you will not fall behind.

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Elder Scrolls Online Gold Farming Guide

If you have a lot of Elder Scrolls Online Gold, there is a lot you can get your hands on: weapons, armor and items are just for starters. But Elder Scrolls Online players know that Elder Scrolls Online Gold can be hard to get. So maybe you need en Elder Scrolls Online Gold Farming Guide now.

Farmiing Locations:

There are a good deal of great farming location in most zones for all three factions, you will find lots of raw materials in the starter zones.

Hirelings & Crafting Writs:

With ESO's update 6 came changes to the profitability of hirelings but they are still worth it, especially provisioning, enchanting and alchemy. At this moment, the daily crafting writs are a good way to go. Enchanting and Alchemy are also probably the best writs.

Racial Style Material:

You will get racial style materials from deconstructing items and believe it or not, if you go over the guild traders you'll be glad to learn that there are plenty of racial materials being offered for a cheap price.

Crafting Material:

Don't spend your Elder Scrolls Online Gold on any raw materials since the cost is way too high. Buy only refined materials at the guild store. Use just the base materials such as Iron Ingots, Rawhide, Jute, ect. They are less expensive to purchase and they take less per crafted item.

If you feels like the Elder Scrolls Online Gold Farming Guide isn't useful, why don't you buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold? Well, many players don't buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold but just farm the ESO gold they need from the game, but buying Elder Scrolls Online Gold allows you to devote more time in the game to doing what you want to do.

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