• APEX Legends – 1,000 Apex Points
    $ 9.80 $ 9.99
  • APEX Legends – 2,000 (+150 Bonus) Apex Points
    $ 18.51 $ 18.88
  • APEX Legends – 4,000 (+350 Bonus) Apex Points
    $ 36.22 $ 36.94
  • APEX Legends – 6,000 (+700 Bonus) Apex Points
    $ 53.75 $ 54.79
  • Apex Legends – 10,000 (+1500 Bonus) Apex Points
    $ 87.54 $ 89.23
  • Apex Legend - Champion Edition Content
    $ 32.94 $ 33.58

Apex Legends Coins

What are Apex Coins?

Apex Coins are the main currency in Apex Legends and can be used to unlock new characters and purchase new cosmetic Apex Legends items or weapons for your characters through the in-game store. The more Apex coins you have, the stronger you will be. The safest way is to get Apex coins from the game yourself. But at the same time it is rather time-consuming and boring. So how do you get safe Apex Legends coins? Of course choose a reputable marketpalce - PVPBank.

Why buy Apex Legends Coins from PVPBank?

PVPBank has been in game trading business for many years. We guarantee the legitimacy of the website, prompt delivery, the reasonable price and the personal privacy protection for each customer. And our customer service staff are online 24/7/365. You just need to keep in touch with us after payment and we will deliver you Apex coins timely.  You can request a refund at any time when there are special situations like game updates or no supply. PVPBank is committed to do its best to meet the needs of customers.

How to buy Apex coins from PVPBank?

Step 1: Select the purchase quantity. Then tap Buy botton to place an order.
Step 2: Fill in your character name, email and other information correctly.
Step 3: Communicate with us via live chat to complete the order delivery.

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