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Warmane Gold Outland Guide - Warmane Gold Guide

Warmane Outland Gold is the primary currency in Warmane Outland. In Warmane outland, you need Warmane Gold every where, such as updating skill, buying items and mounts... All Players want to get more Warmane Gold, just like people in the real world wish for more money. I think everyone needs a Warmane Gold Guide.


The first thing you should do when u raise your Alchemy to 450 is to go to visit Alchemist Gribble in Honor hold and take the quest Master of transmutation. Then you should get 4 primal mights, you can get the mats for it and make them, or you can buy it from ah(i sugest to farm the mats it takes only 30 mins ). Then you should go to Zarevhi in Netherstorm to turn in quest, and then he will give you the quest where u need to get him 4 primal mights. Turn in that and you will become Transmutation master. This is a great money maker since u can now get better results when transmuting gems, saronite bars, or making meta.

Farming Eternals in Wintergrasp:

Another way to earn some Warmane Outland Gold is to go to our beloved PvP zone, Wintergrasp. There are several ways to earn Warmane Gold even here.One of them is by farming Crystallized Life from the Mature and Living Lasher. These mobs are skinnable with herbalism for some extra herbs and life. This means that you can earn over 500g per hour or farming, or 1000g by killing and herbing mobs per your faction’s turn to control Wintergrasp.


If you have alchemy herbalism is a must. You can earn lot of money by selling herbs that you find in northrend like goldclover, adders tongue, icethorn, lichbloom. But the great thing is that every herb in northrend drops Crystalized life. When you get ten of those u can then make 1 eternal life. And a stack of eternal life sells in ah for 3000k Warmane Gold! You can farm a stack of these in 30 mins. Its great coz every herbs drops 1-3 crystalized life. Most important herb that you can find is Lichbloom. You can farm these and then sell it in ah for 1.5k-2k stack, but the best thing to do with these is to keep them and make flasks which sells for lot more.

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